November 23, 2014

Sunday: Bro Down

Hello everyone! Today I am taking over the Sunday slot as we reorganize the week here at HJC. Ryan will be doing his posts on Saturday from now on. Speaking of, if you missed yesterday's HJC 5th Anniversary Podcast, do yourself a favor and check it out.

In today's post, we have concepts for the Griffins, Islanders, Minnesota Fighting Saints, and several pieces of artwork from Moday's writer, Dylan A, or "DBro."

In hockey news this week, there was a really amazing moment in Toronto when the anthem singer's microphone went out during the American National Anthem, and the fans stepped in and finished the song together! It's a really great moment, and some of the best in hockey fans of the Toronto area. Of course, the very lopsided end result also brought out the worst in one fan, but that shouldn't overshadow a fan base coming together to sing the anthem of a visiting team's country.

But before I forget, here's where I post reminders and tell you to be a responsible adult and make a positive contribution the website by voting! If you haven't signed up for the COTW Mailing List, then do that now! Like right now! Go. Do it.

COTW Nov 17-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Get your entries for our CWHL ReDesign in soon! The deadline is this Friday! I'm really excited to see what you all come up with on this one. We should see a lot of fresh ideas and creativity.

For those of you who signed up for the COTW Mailing List and voted last week, here is your reward, in gif form. Let's get to today's concepts!

Grand Rapids Griffins Alternate Jersey Concept - Joey F.

Positives: The number and name font match the logo well. The striping fits the edginess of the jersey. The jersey is well executed, and the shading looks good. 

Negatives: The inside of the jersey near the collar, and the collar insert should be colored instead of white. 

Overall: The Grand Rapids could have done (and did) much worse. It wouldn't be a bad alternate. (7.75/10)

New York Islanders - Dion S.

Positives: The NY logo the Islanders debuted last year looks good as a primary on the blue jersey. The striping looks great on both jerseys; far from unique, but it works. Yokes on both jerseys help balance out the colors well.

Negatives: Blue doesn't fit the NY logo as well. I almost wouldn't mind if the traditional logo was used as the primary on the white jersey, and the NY logo was used on the shoulders in white. Helmet logos would give the set a little more detail.

Overall: Nothing revolutionary, but a pretty solid look. (7.5/10)

Minnesota Fighting Saints - Christian L.

Positives: The striping pattern is good example of how to do an organic pattern well. I especially like the pants striping. Subtle shading really helps the concept pop off the screen. Really good execution and presentation.

Negatives: My only qualm is the logo fitting the jersey. Christian has done a good job tweaking it to make it look more modern, but it's still a very traditional-looking logo.

Overall: I would like to see a matching away jersey for this. This design could be a foundation for a great set. (8.75/10) 

Quad City Mallards Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: Striping looks good. Chest striping can make legibility difficult with numbers, but that's not a problem here. Execution and presentation are pretty good.

Negatives: Not a big fan of the logo, but I respect making something original. The wordmark seems a little excessive.

Overall: The jersey itself is a good design. (8.25/10)

Quad City Mallard Logo Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: I have great respect for making your own logo. That's something I really can't do well. I have attempted it only twice, both with very mixed results at best.

Negatives: There needs to be some action in the logo, some degree of motion. It seems too stationary.

Overall: A for effort, but also needs action. (7.5/10)

Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Winter Classic Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: The striping pattern looks great. I especially love the striping near the shoulders. That striping, and the added black on the cuffs and hem helps with color balance. This design is clearly inspired by the same jersey that inspired Chicago's actual Winter Classic jersey, but this is more creative. Execution and presentation is flawless.

Negatives: I have none.

Overall: Of Dylan's Chicago WC designs we've seen over the past few days, this one is the best, in my opinion. (9.5/10) COTW nomination from me!

Washington Capitals 2015 Winter Classic Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: The logo and striping look great. Really good detail and execution. Overall, I like the striping pattern as well.

Negatives: I think there should be some blue in the jersey other than just the yoke and collar. The stars on the blue yoke invite comparisons to the 1980 USA "Miracle on Ice" jerseys.

Overall: A good jersey, but the white version of this from Friday is my favorite. (8.5/10)

Chicago vs. Washington 2015 Winter Classic Concept - Dylan A.

Positives: I've reviewed both jerseys, so I'll just stick to how they look together. The Chicago jersey is amazing. It's a wonderful design. The Washington jersey is good as well. As I have stated, the white version of the Capitals jersey is my favorite, but I know they can't both wear white.

Negatives: Lots of horizontal striping in the same areas. It's not a big issue, but it does decrease the variety. The blue version of the Capitals jersey has better color balance.

Overall: This game would look great. (8.75/10)

That's all for today.If you think one of the concepts deserves a chance in our Concept of the Week voting, be sure to nominate it in our comments section! If you have a differing opinion from my assessments, let your voice be heard as well!

See you all back here tomorrow at the same time for Dylan's post!

November 22, 2014

Saturday: Happy 5th Anniversary HJC!

Today is the official 5th Anniversary of HJC!

To mark the occasion, Dylan A., Caden P., Jets96 (Sean), and myself put together this Podcast answering your questions. Caz was scheduled to join us as well, but technical difficulties prevented that. Let us know what you thought of the podcast. The more comments you guys leave, the more material we have for the next podcast.


Take a step back in time and check out the very first HJC post HERE. Wow, we've come a long way.


The winner of the COTW for November 10-16 was Jamie R! Congrats Jamie on your first COTW win.

Full Results
Jamie R. - 4
Phil B. - 3
CPM (SJ) - 2
Taylor R. - 2
Dylan N. - 1
CPM (HAM) - 0


The winner of the CHL ReDesign competition was Matt M!

Here are the results from the Memorial Cup Vote

Matt M. - 8
CPM (KEL) - 5
CPM (VIC) - 0

Matt's prize for winning the competition is a trip straight into this week's COTW nominees. If you're wondering why it's such a small pool of nominees, don't forget that this week was one day shorter than any other week.

Nominees are listed on the side of the page. You can see the concepts by clicking on that banner or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Votes are due by Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time. Join the COTW Mailing List to be emailed the weekly nominees. All you have to do is reply to the email to vote! Send your join request to


Lets keep rolling on with the competitions. This week's competition is a CWHL ReDesign!
Pick one of the five teams in the league and come up with new sweaters. All of the teams in the league use an arched script with the player number, so a new look is needed for all. Entries are due on Friday at 11:59pm Eastern.

Don't forget to send your entry to the competition email. NOT the regular email.


COTW Nov 17-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

November 21, 2014

Friday: Don't be a Loncept, Check Out These Concepts

TGIF! Welcome back to the best concept blog on the internet.

I apologize for the lack of a creative title.

Last nights, or should I say this morning (what with atlantic time), the 5th Anniversary Podcast has been recorded. Stop by tomorrow to hear it, you won't be disappointed.

Not sure if the podcast will be "returning" in the same fashion it was before, but it seems like there will be a more regular podcast. The details have yet to be ironed out but if you enjoy the podcast, please let us know! There were some ideas thrown out in the podcast that will expand the blog's variety.

Don't forget that the weekend update starts being the Saturday post tomorrow. Caz picks up the week on Sunday and the "concept week" runs Sunday to Friday rather than Monday to Saturday. Check out the previous weekend update to see how voting will change, and read the coloured bars.

Speaking of voting, COTW voting ends TONIGHT!

If you haven't already, join the COTW voting list so you get a weekly email reminder. The list has been working very well so far so don't be a hoser, join the ranks!

The CHL "Memorial Cup" phase of voting also ends tonight! Leave a comment on the page and try to get your favourite concept the concept Memorial Cup!

COTW Nov 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CHL ReDesign Memorial Cup vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the Concepts!


Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Zach W.)

Funny enough, I review very few Jets concepts, and I've never seen one that used black rather than double blue. I really liked William's method of reviewing yesterday, so I'l try it

+ The angled chevron style arm stripes are phenomenal. I love how they look on the blue socks. If the entire jersey was similar to the sock, it's be much better
+The increase in red in the numbers and stripes
+Jersey remains simple
+ Execution is good

- The black is unnecessary. I get dropping the double blue and increasing the red, but the black brings down the whole concept
-The pant logo is almost invisible
- Red helmet on blue jersey never goes well aside from maybe the Kitchener Rangers
- Remember the stitching stops at the hem stripe
- The varying thickness of the hem stripe between home and road jersey (go with the thinner one)

Overall: 6.25/10 A decent idea that just needs to be ironed out

Tampa Bay Lightning Football Concept (By: Timmy Q.)

+Using gray pants with the blue jersey is what I'd expect the Lightning to wear on the gridiron
+The arm striping looks solid
+Font under the collar

- Not using the paint brush numbers, or a font tampa actually used
- That shade of black does not show up against the dark blue, I'd darken the black and add some white
- The helmet logo is nearly impossible to see
-Black helmet doesn't work, when a blue helmet with the white logo would look much better and be far more true to Tampa's identity

Overall: 5.75/10 The football concepts are a neat idea, but they need work, practice with more creative ideas and remember that a crossover series should keep true to the original hockey jerseys in some way. It's not bad, and it's obviously new territory, but just keep at it and your football series may  be the next Matt Mc.'s soccer series.

Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic Concept (By: Dylan A.)

+ The Blackhawks in almost any black jersey look fantastic (yes, even the Stadium Series jersey wasn't that bad)
+ The striping pattern is very similar to the 90's and '09 black alternate, and the colours pop
+ Keeping the font and using the vintage logo from the '57 jersey
+ C tomahawk on the arm stripes

-The Captain's C is hard to see, put it in a square patch or something along that line

Overall: 9.5/10 I'd expect nothing less from Dbro and his favourite NHL team meeting

Washington Capital Winter Classic Concept (By: Dylan A.)

+ Making blue the primary colour looks solid, red never looked bad but blue has a patriotic feel
+ The interlocking WDC logo looks solid, wish they used it on the jersey
+ Star shoulder patch
+ Simple numbers
+ Lots of stripes

- This may be just me, but I would have liked to seen on the arms and socks the blue stripes on the outer, and the two inner stripes to be red
- I'd try a double yoke outline with a white outline then a red one after it

Overall: 9/10

New York Islanders Concepts (By: CID)

+ Like the use of the old black alternate style striping
+ The light blue in the NY logo
+ The shoulder patch that references Brooklyn
+ The lack of any 4 cups symbolism

-The orange is hardly visible in the striping, which may have been the boring, but on the blue jersey, it would make a better colour for the big swooshed and the black on the little curves
- Not that the font is horrible, but I would have stuck to the Islanders current font
- The gradient affect in the arm swooshes, while unique hurts what would be a very simple design

Overall: 7.5/10 Not sure how much of CID's work I've reviews, but looking forward to more

Russia Vs. Canada Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

I don't usually review concepts in pairs, but this was meant to be a set in two different images, so it seemed more sensible to do it this way

+ Russia's arm striping have a really cool garden affect
+ Sublimated eagle on the back
+ Gold used on both jerseys
+ Using Russian on the Russian jerseys

- Canada has never looked good when black is used other than on the logo and gear, and the black over dominated the red and white, which are Canada's colours
-The numbers on the yokes look like they say 7171 and 8787, the numbers are supposed to carry over, but not by that much
- The amount of stripes on the hems of both jerseys, and the Canadian flag stripes do not work. The look blurry and unlike the Russian flag stripes, they don't have enough space between them
- The 80's Canada logo is not a logo I would use to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the summit series, and the black looks tagged on for no reason other than for the rest of the jersey
- The Pearson Banner flag on the arms and socks is a bit much
- The logos on the Russia jerseys are way too big

Overall: (5.25/10) The idea is original, as are the jerseys, but there's simply too much to handle with all the symbolism, striping and trying to combine every era into one jersey. Sometimes, simpler is much better.

That's the post everyone! Remember to vote for COTW, CHL Comp, and stay tuned tomorrow for the HJC 5th anniversary Q&A podcast and sign up for the HJC voting list.

I'm Jets96, go Jets go! Have an awesome weekend! 

November 20, 2014

Thursday: 1st Annual Hawkital Cup

Hey gang, welcome to another Thursday HJC post!

Before I get started, I'd like to remind everyone about the votes going on this week.  We have our usual COTW vote of course, but we also have our Memorial Cup vote for the CHL ReDesign. Three good concepts to pick from, so go ahead and get your vote in!

I'd also like to remind you about the schedule change beginning this weekend.  Saturday will become the new "info" day, and concepts will be featured from Sunday to Friday.

Last but not least, we're having our 5th Anniversary Podcast this Saturday! Check out the link at the top, and send in some questions that you would like answered.

*** Edit by Ryan ***
 We are recording TONIGHT (Thursday) so get your questions in before 11pm Eastern to have them answered.

Alright, now to explain the title of today's post.  With one exception, all of the concepts featured today are Winter Classic inspired jerseys for Chicago and Washington.  So I'm going to put them together and pick out my favourite Chicago and Washington concepts, then pick the best of those two.  The winner MAY get my COTW nominee, if the "exception" concept doesn't get it instead...

COTW Nov 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CHL ReDesign Memorial Cup vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia Stadium Series - David P.

+ Both jerseys fit the Stadium Series styles quite well in this look.
+ I hated Pittsburgh's SS jersey, and to me this version is a huge improvement.
+ The Flyers concept looks as traditional as ever, but still fits the SS mold.

- The numbers on both sets are way, way too big.
- I think the Flyers concept would look better without the white yoke, or have it in the style of the Pens yoke.

Overall:  If the Pens went to their old yellow colours full-time eventually, this would both a perfect fauxback and SS game jersey for them.  Even now, it's still a great set, as is the Flyers concept.  Well done.  8/10

Hawkital Cup : Belfour Division

Avi S.

+ The most unique concept of the three.
+ I always thought the complicated nature of the Blackhawks logo would suit a more complex stripe pattern quite well, and this concept confirms that.
+ Very interesting yoke pattern.  Not sure if I'm a huge fan of it, but I appreciate the effort for uniqueness.

- The one thing the actual WC jersey got right was including the "C" logo on the jersey.  We see it on the pants for this concept, but I'd rather see it as part of the jersey too.
- Comparing this to the others, this concept loses quite a few points by a) not looking old in any way and b) not having an altered logo.

 Matt Mc.
+ A Blackhawks jersey in any colour besides pure white and red definitely stands out against the rest.
+ Not far from the actual WC jersey, but the changes made are (almost) all for the better.
+ Execution and presentation is flawless, as usual with Matt.

- The only negative thing I can talk about is the hem.  I like seeing the cuff and the hem match, so if everything on the arm below the stripes is black, I'd like the hem to be black too.  It does somewhat match their current white jersey, so I can't complain too much.

Dylan A.

+ A bit of a mix between both current jerseys, and the revealed WC jersey, and it looks fantastic.
+ I'd much rather see the Blackhawks in red, and the Capitals in a different colour.
+ Beautiful execution and presentation
+ Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not familiar with that colour pattern for the "C" logo.  Personally, I think this version works better.

- The socks are bugging me for some reason.  They match the arms and hem, but they still just don't look right to me. Maybe the stripes are a little too high? Either way, not a big issue.

Belfour Division Scores:

Dylan A. - 8.9
Matt Mc. - 8.8
 Avi S. - 8.2

Solid work by everyone here.  Dylan wins this round by the slimmest of margins.

Hawkital Cup : Kolzig Division

Avi S.

+ Wasn't buying the yoke stripes from the WC jersey, this yoke design is much more attractive and unique.
+ Safe choice by staying close to the original, but fixing where needed.

-  Still not liking those bottom hem stripes. They look out of place compared to the rest of the jersey.
- This concept looks nice, but too close to the original to really jump out at me.

Avi S.

+ Road white version of above concept.  I actually think this one looks much nicer.
+ The inclusion of a contrasting yoke gives this jersey some much-needed colour.
+ I like the look of this logo without the "Capitals" text.

- Stripes still look out of place, but much less now since it works with the yoke.
- Would like to see a little more design on the gloves.

Dylan A.

+  This jersey is definitely unique.  The Capitals have tragically never worn anything as American as this.
+ Like the Blackhawks, any Capitals jersey that isn't red or white immediately stands out.
+ This looks more like a Team USA fauxback than a Capitals fauxback, but would be a huge hit for Washington's fans.
+ Didn't like the look of this logo at first, but it really suits this jersey.

- I think the hem should have the same amount of stripes as the arms.  If it takes up too much of the jersey, then reducing all the stripes by 1 wouldn't hurt.
- A few more stars on the shoulder wouldn't hurt either.

Kolzig Division Scores:

Dylan A. - 9.1
Avi S. (White) - 8.5
Avi S.(Red) - 8.1

Hawkital Cup : Finals

In a battle of Dylan A vs Dylan A, traditional vs unique, old vs arguably new, red vs blue, etc...

Dylan A's Washington Capitals concept wins!

Dylan's Washington concept also receives my COTW nomination for today.

I honestly can't think of another post I've done where the concepts we're collectively this good.  It helps that this post featured 4 of HJC's premier designers.  I think any of the concepts above are improvements to their real counterparts (or in the case of the Flyers concept, probably as good of a SS jersey design they'll get).  Fantastic work by everyone today!

Well that's it for me.  Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

November 19, 2014

Wednesday: Fishermans and Mighty Ducks?

Welcome! We have concepts to rate and enjoy today! This Sunday Ryan will be hosting a HJC podcast so check that out. Also, Ryan mentioned it, but there is only two more spots in the Fourth quarter vote. Which means only two more spots in the running for COTY. Speaking of COTY, Ryan let the writers pick a concept to bring back from the dead and nominate it for COTW so it has a chance at COTY. So I will reveal my pick ( it was really tough just picking one but ) ... 

MY Revive COTW nomination goes to this concept by Tom V : *feel free to second*

I just love this concept. Pure gold! I couldn't decide between Tom's calgary concept or the one below. After 1 hour of staring at my screen I chose Calgary over Ottawa. 

 Dylan has been one of my favourite artists this year, so it was tough not rewarding him.

Voting is simple this week, we have the CHL competition, and the regular COTW vote.

COTW Nov 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CHL ReDesign Top 3 League votes (end Wednesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Now on to the main stuff!

CPM - NY Islanders

Positives: The islanders are bringing this classic logo back on a practice jersey before a game. Colin suggests the Islanders bring it full time. Its interesting, and goes well with the striping. Colours are balanced really well! Shoulder patch = awesome. All the details tie in really well together, so great job.
Negatives: I'm not sure I would want to see this replace their full time set. It would be perfect for an alternate.
Overall: Really good jersey, but I'm on the fence of wanting to actually see it full time. (8.5/10)

Dion S. - Tampa Bay Lightning

Positives: Anything beats the boring jersey introduced by the Lighting a few weeks ago. I like this logo better than the BOLTS word mark.
Negatives: Not sold one the arm striping, It gives me a "classic"feel that I don't really want for a lightning alternate. Execution is good, but it could be better by adding a helmet logo.
Overall: You have a good base, but playing around with the stripes, trying to make it more modern could really kick this concept up a notch. (7/10)

Matt Mc. - Anaheim Ducks

Positives: Matt uses the template he used in the Mallards competition for a mighty ducks revival. This logo is a classic, so why not bringing it back! I pretty much like everything about this concept. The pant striping looks neat with the jersey striping.
Negatives: I saw on Twitter Matt posted a bunch of different options for this concept, and my favourites were the orange and gold ones. I think the logo would look better with that scheme. Also adding the back of the jerseys would be nice. 
Overall: I like bringing back the old logo, but I'd prefer the current colour scheme as it would go better with the modern template Matt has given us. (8.5/10)

Nate F. - Auburn U (NCAA)

Positives: Love the orange used in this concept. The logo looks awesome on a hockey jersey. 
Negatives: This is a Minnesota Wild alternate jersey. I get a university wouldn't want to spend money on a custom template but still, its a concept, be a little more creative! Stitching should go under, and end at the hem. The numbers on the back are a tad small. 
Overall: Get a little more creative! (7/10)

Patrick G. - Calgary Flames

Positives: Patrik suggest this as an alternate. The lack of black really makes this jersey look vintage. I'm all for Calgary using more yellow in their jerseys!
Negatives: The shoulder patch is alright.. I'd prefer it on both shoulders, or none at all. The Jersey itself is a little plain, but sometimes thats alright. Maybe adding collar laces would add to the vintage effect.
Overall: I think this has potential, not just as an alternate, but maybe full time. Just needs a few tweaks. (7/10)

Scott D. - Columbus Vs. Buffalo

Positives: Scott suggests a Stadium series with no angled stripes? No chrome logos? No elongated numbers? What is this? Kidding, i'm all for more classic jerseys for the stadium series games. I like the return of the buffalo word mark. Execution is spot on. 
Negatives: The buffalo striping isn't the best. Maybe adding a blue stripe in between the two yellow stripes. The old Columbus logo isn't to bad either but I feel like it should stay in the past, or at least wait a bit so you can call it a vintage logo.
Overall: Very solid, but maybe more could've been done. (8.5/10)

Taylor R. - Gatineau Olympiques

Positives: Yes, you didn't copy a LA Kings jersey, props! I don't mind not having bright colours, since all the different shades of grey create a cool effect. Yoke stripes are a nice touch.
Negatives: A black NOB would be better on the white jersey (I can't read the name currently). A thicker black outline would be nice to see on the numbers on the grey jersey. Stitching should end at the hem striping (See concept above from Scott). 
Overall: Better than what they currently have. (8/10)

Check out the podcast that will be featured this weekend, Vote and maybe second a concept here and there and your HJC duties will be done!