March 6, 2015

Friday: Michal the Islander


Two words do describe Halifax at the moment...sporadic weather. Oh well, that's expected!

Trade Deadline went very well for most teams! There were no deals that really made me say "Oh what was the GM thinking!?" That being said there were clear winners and losers, which as you guessed, I am going to list those.

Top 5 list, go!

1. New York Islanders getting Michal Neuvirth!

photo from

I'll say it as many times as I can, but I was so wrong about the Islanders. i thought this team was going for McDavid and then would get better, and was very skeptical of Leddy & Boychuk making this team a competitor....HOLY CRAP WAS I WRONG. The Isles had one flaw...Chad Johnson, who, I won't say was awful for them, but was not a suitable back up to All Star Jaroslav Halak, who has had to stand on his head. Neuvirth is the exact opposite of Johnson, playing for an awful team, but playing well. Now, Neuvirth has a chance to make a cup run, while Johnson can help the Sabres tank and start over next year.

2. Detroit Adds Depth on Defence

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Marek Zidlicky is not a star defenceman, but is one who plays well! He was on a team that did not need him and goes to one that has surpassed my expectations by far. I could see the Wings making a solid playoff run and a top Eastern conference rank, despite goalie injuries and an unproven cast of former Griffins. Zidlicky adds to an already strong Red Wings defence, and experience.

3. Jagr & Heatley move to Florida

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The Panthers are having an amazing season, given having the #1 pick last season, and taking advantage of a weak Bruins team, only 2 points out of a playoff spot. If the Red Wings had unproven players, the Florida had double. This team is so young the only position with multiple players over 30 appears to goaltending. Jagr is still productive, even for being 90 in hockey years, and can give players like Huberdeau, Barkov and such. Heatley can do the same, and maybe be productive in the short term. In either case, I may buy a Panthers jersey!

4. Watch out for the Wild...

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Devin Dubnyk needs no introduction, he has Vezina numbers this season and is a possible award winner, yes, the same Dubnyk the Oilers gave up on. That being said, Chris Stewart, and Jordan Leopold are solid pick ups for a team most thought was done a month and a half ago. The Wild could make a charge, and these two players only help that case.

5. The Leafs somehow got rid of David Clarkson & Olli Jokinen

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Yes, the Leafs had to take Nathan Horton, who's career is sadly likely over, but trading David Clarkson was no easy task. This guy ate up a lot of cap space and was not a productive member, even experience wise on a team who gave up a lot to get him. The Leafs also had to now deal with Olli Jokinen, who while can be a decent rental player on occasion, did not mesh well in Nashville and played washed up. The Leafs dumped him on a competitive team in the Blues (who didn't need Chris Stewart and were willing to walk away from him) and got a decent AHLer back and a draft pick.

Any deadline trades you like? Mention them in the comments!

COTW voting ends tonight, don't forget to send that it!
Also ending tonight, the Stadium Series Comp. voting phase.

On to the concepts!

Stadium Series Concept (By: Dallas O.)

This match up is bound to happen outdoors at some point (maybe when both teams are competitive again like they were 15 years ago), and the possibilities of what the teams could wear range. The Sens jersey has a fauxback feel to it, combing both the original and modern sense. I would have chosen one era however, since there is far too much vintage white and chest striping compared to the one modern element, the logo. The Leafs jersey is too...simple for anything other than a fan jersey. The striping looks great, but the lack of any logo really hurts it, especially since this is a Stadium Series game. Execution not, the numbers are far too big, and the white outline looks awkward on the Sens jersey. If you're doing a single numbers on the arms, divide it in half, otherwise it'll look like 99. (5.75/10)

Stadium Series Concept (By: Jamie R.)

This game would have been incredible in 1996, but even now, this is going to be a hell of a game! The Red Wings jersey looks incredible! It's hard to think the Wings wearing anything "Stadium Seriesy" but this would satisfy both modern lovers and throwback purists. The Avs jersey look scent, but I'd like something different from last year's template. Watch the white outline on the Avs logo. (7.5/10)

Indiana Hoosiers NCAA Concepts (By: David P.)

Indiana is more well known for Basketball, but their hockey program exists, even though their jerseys have ranged from Leafs ripoffs to Coyotes copies. The first set looks very similar to the Black Hawks/Sabres/Leafs, but it also looks like their basketball jerseys, a nice connection. The other set is beautiful, and would be great for inter B10 games. Great execution! (9/10)

Stadium Series Concept (By: John E.)

Another game that would have been great in the late 90's, both teams had pretty decent looks fans are becoming slowly nostalgic before. Not sure if this qualifies as a fauxback, but both jerseys have their ups and downs. The Caps jersey looks great, with bronze used perfectly to compliment the black & blue, looks simple and fits any era. The Weagle logo looks solid! The Sabres jersey also looks good, but the Buff-a-slug logo confuses me. The Goathead logo wasn't great, but how awesome would it be to see the crossed swords logo again? Nice touch with the knit hats! (8.5/10)

Team USA Concept (By: Daniel L.)

I think Daniel L. is a huge soccer fan, since most of his concepts involve crossing over soccer & hockey, line in this design for the World Cup of Hockey. The altered logo is from USA soccer, and looks pretty solid in hockey form. The real beauty on this concept lies in the sublimated striping, it looks absolutely amazing, especially on the white jersey's hem! The red arms have too visible sublimated stripes, and would look better if they were subtle. (8.25/10)

Kansas Jayhawks NCAA Concepts (By: Zach W.)

Zach W. has made some improvements to his concepts since joining the HJC community, and now he's switched to a new template. Anytime you switch templates, it's going to take time to adjust, so I won't rip Zach on the execution too much. The jerseys are simple and would looks pretty decent, again being the execution.  The white jersey would look better with blue stripes and red accents, but keep the numbers red to match the bird. the blue jersey would also look better with red as the main colour or making the numbers red, one or the other. The numbers on the back are far too big, and the hem strip looks like a pair of underwear. Either choose a curved stripe of straight, not both. The concept could also benefit from a shoulder patch and some gear to take up the empty space on the concept. (5/10)

Kansas Jayhawks NCAA Concept (By: Zach W.)

I agree 100% Kansas should have a basketball inspired jersey, since the school is most years a powerhouse and has a proud history. The jersey itself is very simple, but the section errors from the previous jerseys continue over with the hem stripe and numbers, though on this concept, there are no tv numbers. When making a cross over like this, numbers on the front would help a lot of a little something else. Shoulder patches? (5/10)


That's the post!
Don't forget to get your votes in before midnight!
Have an awesome weekend.
Go Jets go!

March 5, 2015

Thursday: New Sweaters for Everyone!

First of all, a huge welcome back to Dylan Wonka Nowak, as he is our "new" Tuesday writer. As many people have said, and I would agree, he's definitely one of the best, if not the best, writers in HJC history. On a personal note, he helped me out quite a bit when I was first starting out on the blog, so its definitely awesome to get him back on the team.

Now you may have noticed that the Trade Deadline has happened since my last post.  Has your favourite player been moved? Is it weird seeing someone in their new uniform? Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Personally, I was disappointed to see Glencross get traded, but it was pretty obvious that he would be moved at some point. The Yandle trade was a shocker too, but a great move for New York and Arizona.  Montreal, Tampa Bay, Anaheim and Chicago did really well at the deadline and could very well be the Stanley Cup contenders because of it.

So lots of people were getting new sweaters, and I didn't want to miss out on the fun...

That's me with my newest jersey. I've been a Lethbridgian (or Lethbian, I'm not sure what we call ourselves) for 5 years now, and while my allegiance was, is and always will be for the Calgary Hitmen, I also support the local team. It's bothered me that I don't have anything to wear to the Hurricanes' games, but I really haven't been a fan of any of their jerseys since they went to the Capitals look (besides the alternates, those absolutely rock). I wanted to find their original jersey, or one with the Taz logo, but I found this one at a decent price and went for it.  Yes, it's exactly like the Capitals jersey, but the colours are different, and that's good enough for me. So now I can finally show at least a little bit of team pride when I go and watch the Hurricanes.

Anyways, back to the blog. We have 2 votes going on this week, with our regular COTW vote as well as the Top 5 vote for the Stadium Series competition. Lots of good concepts in both votes, so make sure you get in there and make your vote count!

On that note, it's concept time!

COTW Feb 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Stadium Series Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Jack D. - Carolina Hurricanes

 Yay: Starting for us today is Jack's Hurricanes concept. Jack gives the jerseys a bit more flare by bringing back the warning flag designs and using them effectively on the hems and yokes. The yokes look really good with the design, and the colours on the red jersey are well balanced.

Nay: The colours on the white jersey aren't as nicely balanced. The black stripes don't really match well with the mostly red hem design, so the black in the arms seems out of place in a way.  The logo you used for the concept looks faded, pixelated, and doesn't match the colours of the jersey. As good as the red jersey looks, it could use some more white.

Overall: Its flashy and well designed, but it's not out of the storm yet. 7.8/10

Illinois Fighting Illini - David P.

 Yay: Next up is the school with one of the most awkward names, the Illinois Fighting Illini. I believe they do not participate in the NCAA, but rather in the club-based ACHA instead. I haven't been able to find their current jerseys, so I have nothing to go by.  The big "I" logo is fitting for college uniforms. The colours and stripes are simple but look really nice and balanced, with the 3rd jersey doing a good job contrasting with the main set.

Nay: I'd colour the collar of the orange jersey white, so it better matches the pattern of the white jersey. I'd also add a stripe to the pants.

Overall: Frozen Four worthy set, well done! 8.9/10

Team Canada - Daniel L.

 Yay: Next up is this really funky but interesting Team Canada concept from Daniel. The design is really different from the regularly traditional ones Canada sticks with, so it would stand out well in Canada's jersey history. The stripes are nicely done, and the logo is a good effort of trying to create something new out of an all-too familiar symbol. The gloves look really nice, as does the rest of the equipment.

Nay: The logo looks great on the white jersey, but on the red jersey the red sections get lost with the red background, and the black border isn't enough to fix that.  The Canadian flag on the arm is a little lazy, either do a new design involving the maple leaf, or put the flag on as a shoulder patch.  The black and white stripes below the yoke looks a little weird and out of place, unless you had that black stripe as an outline around the whole yoke.

Overall: Kudos for trying something different, but I'm not quite buying it yet. 7.7/10

Calgary Flames - Brass

 Yay: Next up is Brass's Calgary Flames concept. Brass basically took the current alternate, got rid of the silly wordmark logo and brought back the original, fixed the striping so it looked more symmetrical and easier on the eyes, made the yoke more traditional to better match the style of the jersey, added some more colour with the yoke design, and made the numbers black. So basically, everything I didn't like about the current alternate is now fixed.

Nay: Now this jersey is a little to basic and close to the main set to be an effective 3rd. So as an alternate jersey, this would fail.  However, if this replaced the main home jersey, and an away jersey was similarly designed, I would happily buy the set.

Overall: Its a tad boring, but it would make an excellent home jersey. I hope we get to see an away version soon. 8.6/10

New York Rangers - Caz W.

 Yay: Caz does it again. He bends the rules of all "conventional jersey laws", and takes a classic identity like the Rangers, and creates something as strange as fine art but as awesome as any jersey I've seen on the blog. The sash? Love it! The sublimated "New York" on the arms? Love it! The collar? Love it!

Nay: The white stripe below the red chest stripe is kind of throwing me off.  I assume its meant to be the top white stripe in their logo, but it looks kind of weird to me. I also think the back number needs some sort of an outline, and should be as big as the chest stripe or sticking out equally on both sides. The name text looks a little small.

Overall: This isn't perfect, but as creative, original, and well designed as this jersey is, I simply can't give it a score less than 9.0/10. Once again, love it!

Team World Stars - Christian C.

 Yay: Next up is a Team World Stars concept from our World Cup competition. I'm not a huge fan of the black and white design, but everyone seemed to use it, and I'll admit that this design looks really sharp with it. It's a uniform any player could wear and look good in.

Nay:  The back number is too small, and could be lowered a little bit as well. The globe logo is just a little too big.

Overall: I can't find much wrong with this concept, and it looks really sharp. 8.3/10

Calgary vs Edmonton -  Dallas O.

 Yay: Last up is the Albertan Stadium Series game. Personally, I hope the 2022 50th Anniversary match up would look like a classic, and an SS game would go a different year, but I digress. I love the logo used on the Flames jersey, hopefully it receives more jersey love in the near future. The Oilers logo is unique and made from scratch by Dallas.  Its always nice to see new logos being created for these concepts.

Nay: The yoke outlines on both jerseys are unnecessary. The name fonts are a little too bland, and the numbers should have a little more outline too them.  Edmonton's chest stripe should extend around the whole uniform, and the text inside the circle should be blue, as bright orange against white is a little tough to see.

Overall: Both jerseys are cool mashups between fauxbacks and modern SS jerseys, but neither really stand out as a game ready design. 7.4/10

Man oh man what a great day for concepts! Every concept was cool, and there were a number of concepts that could take my COTW nomination on a different week. There were a couple of concepts that were completely or almost completely flawless. My nominated concept has a few more flaws to it, but the creativity and boundary-pushing design is just too much to ignore. I'm giving Caz W.'s New York Rangers concept my COTW nomination!


Thinking about Christian's post yesterday, asking about our cup favourites, made me remember when I predicted the standings at the start of the season. Here's the link to that post:

I'd like to think I was close, but one thing that stands out is how poorly I predicted the Predators. I thought they'd be last in the Central, that's a really tough pill to swallow. Are they cup contenders? Absolutely. If Rinne stays healthy, I can't see any team being able to take them in the western conference. But I will stick with Montreal as my eastern champion, and at this point I think they have the best chance of taking the Stanley Cup this season.

Anyways, that's it for me today. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

March 4, 2015

Wednesday: Who Ya Got?

Hey everyone! No it's not a "new old writer" today (welcome back Dylan Wonka!), its just your usual Wednesday writer in for a usual wednesday post. I guess we can start debates and topics in the comment section. Who do you think right now has the best chance of making it to the stanley cup final? It's such a great debate as almost every playoff team in the east has equal chance of making it, and the west is always a tough one to pick. For me, I'm going with Washington in the East and St-Louis in the West. Washington could be a dark horse team, Holtby is playing the best hockey of his career, Ovechkin is... well Ovechkin (has the lead in goals). Backstrom has a crapload of points, and defence isn't to shabby. As for St-Louis, Some Key  acquisitions on defence made the team better, Goaltending is questionable compared to... perhaps LA or Chicago but I think Elliott has the potential to make one last playoff push and Tarasenko looks like a Tank. Who do you think will hoist the cup?

COTW Feb 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Stadium Series Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)  

Guys Vote! Seriously its cool! Trust me! 
Continuing Wonka's post I figured we could keep the segment of "In the Words of Dylan Alexander". This is a segment where we quote Dylan for something he never actually said. So,
In the words of Dylan Alexander: 
"Voting is something only the best do, are you the best? I doubt it."
Prove him wrong. Go vote. 

Concept time! 

Hellotown Teacups - Adde K

Wow am I tripping? This is uglier than an ugly christmas sweater. I tried "googling" what this team is but I had no luck. So I'm not entirely sure what this is for... I'm assuming you purposely made this jersey... umm flamboyant? The execution looks pretty good. I Must say It'd be fun to see this jersey in real life! Overall: Hard to grade.. I'm feeling generous.. (7/10)

Nashville Predators - Ben M

Ben had Nashville in baby blue! Wow bold move. Do I like it? I'm not sure... I love the current preds jersey,  the gold is awesome, but this is certainly refreshing. I like the sharp arm stripes, the logo is sharp so having a sharp design for the preds always works. I also love the yoke. One complaint is the arms on the light jersey. It's a bit to much, I'd make them white but you'd have to add some baby blue somewhere else. Also, No shoulder patches, Nashville has a good selection so that would boost your score. Overall: I could for sure see this if Nike took over. (8/10)

Calgary Flames - Coby S

Coby takes white, and throws it in the garbage can. A flames alternate looks really sharp with the absence of white. Black as the base of an Alternate also works. Besides that it's downhill from there. Coby didn't add tv numbers on the back of the jersey. Helmet logos are always show great detail. Design wise... a bit bland. It's an alternate, explore! Get creative! Overall: Safe (7.5/10)

World Stars - David P  

This was Davids entry in the World cup Competition that ended a week ago. A lot of people opted for black. "Neutral" so that one countries colour scheme doesn't stand out compared to another's. Valid point, but does it look as good? ... in my opinion no but it can still be pulled off. I love the idea of showcasing the players flag on the arm. The star on the cuff is great detail. The stripes are simple enough to go with the simple logo. I also like the Font and NOB. Overall: Well executed, but missing something. (8/10)

Montreal Vs Boston - Jack D 

It was announced that Boston would play Montreal in the Winter Classic next year. So let's see what Jack proposes. It's been a common theme to have Montréal in a white with blue Chest tripe uni. Top to bottom Jack nailed the Habs jersey. Maybe a thicker outline to the numbers, but that's about it. As for Boston, I love Boston in vintage threads. Vintage white is overused, but it still looks good so why not? The stripes are perfect, as they match the yoke and the simple logo. Maybe add a shoulder patch, like a custom winter classic logo could really kick this concept up a notch. Overall: (8.5/10)

Josiah B - Seattle Seahawks
Josiah tries to Improve his improved concept that he sent a while ago. I think He improved! A much more modern template lends itself to a better design for the seahawks. I like the detail in the numbers. Colour Balance is an issue, Too much neon green and not enough grey on the blue jersey. Also, I noticed is the concept is very fuzzy or pixelated. The grey almost looks beige. Fix that, and work on colours and you're set! (7.25/10)

Mike S - Boston Bruins

Mike makes minor changes to the bruins to improve their current look. The big change here was loosing the black cuffs. I think I also like it better without. Other than that, the changes are downgrades. No shoulder patch, no helmet logo, blank pants. I prefer the current yoke stripes. Overall: Some good stuff, and some bad that come out of this concept. (7.75/10)

That's the post folks. Don't forget to spark the comments, let's get into arguments! Vote and I'll See you all next week!

March 3, 2015

Tuesday: Tank You For Reading

Not so long ago I believe I started as a Tuesday writer. I have returned. 

In the words of Dylan Alexander: 
"Dylan Nowak is the best writer to ever grace HJC."

For the first time ever I am writing as an HJC writer as Dylan Nowak. When I was writing before I still went by Dylan Wonka. The reason for the change is pretty simple, I want to use my real name. It was time for me to take my artist/internet kid name out of it's misery. Though it seems like I'll still be called Wonka by some of you. 

I'll stick to hockey though for this post. Specifically speaking how my Sabres are tanking through the year. Day after deadline and I have to say that we may have completed the tank. However, Arizona Coyotes will give us some competition after some of the big names they've moved. Should be interesting to see how things pan out. It has honestly been more nerve wracking than any playoff push year for the Sabres. With 19 games left I just have to hope for the most losses. 

The Evander Kane trade brought so much excitement to a team and organization that needed some life in it. Trading for a hopefully talented player that we desperately needed, but also injured so that he doesn't effect this tank. Yesterday the Sabres also dealt four other players that are always hard working and help the team win. Neuvirth was a goaltender who was killing it for us. He would get 40+ saves on a nightly basis. More than half of those still ending in losses too! I'm just excited to get this season over with. Finally a Buffalo team sucked the perfect year. 

If we win the lottery - - - - - Tank you to our GM, Tim Murray. 

Enough with me bragging about how bad my team is and on to what this site is for; concepts.


COTW Feb 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Stadium Series Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Calgary Flames Concept - Jack D.

With the first concept of this Tuesday post..Jack takes a crack at the Calgary Flames. Calgary concepts are always interesting. Usually it's either the person takes away the black color or tries to embrace it. Jack does a nice job on the home jersey with the black. To be honest I'm usually never a fan of the black but it's used nicely here. The striping is different but it is effective, I would just like the same treatment done to the logo... a gold outline to be specific.

The away jersey though makes this concept set suffer. It seems as though black is the second color in this set based off of the home but it's taken back as just a small accent color in the away. I say if you're going to bring in the black as much as you've used it on the red jersey, then use it more on the away jersey. Again, adding it to the logo outline would help. All in all it's decent. It doesn't look bad but there are some parts that could use some tweaks to make this a set that's ready to be seen in the NHL.

Rating: 7.3/10

San Diego Gulls Concept - Chase C.

A concept for a team we will be seeing a lot of in the coming weeks. When the Gulls unveiled their new logo I wasn't as disappointed as some. I figured they would tweak their old one. I don't think it looks bad. I think it fits as a minor league team named "Gulls". The concept though suffers from the same thing I think the Ducks uniforms suffer from. Sharp striping right under a rounded yoke. The arm striping on the uniforms should be the idea that translates to the rest of the uniform. I feel like two different jersey styles have clashed with this. A traditional one and a modern one. I'd say you need to pick which direction to go in. I don't know if you edit the yoke to take on the arm striping look a little bit or just remove it in general. I'm also not really a fan of nameplate colors, but that's me.

As for the alternate the script is something I would never want to see on a jersey. I think it looks way too retro to fit that design. Again, it seems like this set has an identity issue. It needs to figure out if it's a traditional style or an awesome modern approach.

Rating: 6.8/10

Nike LA Kings Concept - Ben M.

This concept really goes over the top for the Kings. I'll start with the alternate because it's my favorite part. Simple but it looks nice. Not too different from what they wear but I'll say what I think. As for the home and road. Would I like to see them used? No, but for exploration I'll give you my exact thoughts. 

The color combo doesn't fit to my liking. Gold and purple is a yes but throwing black in their makes the whole thing clash to me. As for striping it looks okay. I would thicken the purple middle stripe to have a more solid striping pattern. It doesn't seem like there's any bold design statement on the home and road. With the yoke I would say to make it the same style as the striping but that might be a little too much purple. Then again, I'd say you should eliminate the black. So maybe the yoke should be purple. Another concept that doesn't really fall in place that well. However, don't quit the exploration. That's what concepts are for, right?

Rating: 6.7/10 - (However the alternate does look great)

USA Concept - David P.

David explores what Team USA should look like. A sash design would be very cool and would like to see a team execute that some day. I think it works a lot better on the dark jersey though. I think if you have a sash design there shouldn't be a yoke color ending it. I feel it should just end with the uniform color like you did with the blue jersey. The rounded Nike yoke on the white jersey breaks the flow in my eyes. The USA script is also in a very western font that I don't think fits with the team but I can imagine something else and it could look very nice. 

The concept as a whole again isn't a bad idea but with the changes I've suggested it would lead to more changes. I feel if you take the yoke off the white jersey then it become very plain. In my opinion, a sash design might only work as a dark alternate design for a team. Could be cool to see. 

Rating: 7.2/10

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Roy Z.

Roy uses simply the best template ever for his submission. That is a joke for some of you that don't know that this is my template. I do not think it is the best template ever. However, it does make jerseys easier to imagine on the ice. For this set of three jerseys I like the simplicity. I believe the two stripe vibe has been a very popular one lately and all I can imagine when looking at the white jersey is the Dallas Stars. That being said, it's not bad, I just see it a lot lately. 

The design fits the logo very well on all three. The only trouble is on the maroon jersey that the blue and maroon are too close together in hue and there is not enough contrast. I'm not sure how I would resolve this. Maybe putting a white circle behind the C and making the C maroon. I think that would make the logo too bulky though. The striping too does get lost in the color. Maybe re-working the way you use the colors is in order. Making it more similar to the third could be an idea. Surrounding the blue with white so it's easier to see. 

Rating: 7.8/10

Stadium Series Minnesota v. Chicago - Ryan C.

Ryan takes a different approach to the Stadium Series game for this concept. The SS have gone with fairly outside the norm designs for all of their jerseys so far, so giving teams a very traditional look would be different. Minnesota and Chicago though are two teams that would seem plausible for the NHL to stick with a vintage feel for a Stadium Series game. 

Minnesota's jersey does a great job of incorporating the vintage feel they've wanted to make over the last 10 years. It's almost a nice opposite of the red jersey they currently wear. A jersey that is executed nicely and just plain looks awesome. One thing I don't agree with is the shoulder patch. I'm assuming the patch is the same as the logo? I can't really tell what it is but the pure white breaks the unity with the uniform.

Chicago's jersey is a very very sharp design. The striping is unique and looks really cool. Not much to complain about with these two uniforms. Would be a sexy match up. My only other complaint would be maybe one team has collar laces. I mean they look vintage and I feel having one have laces would complete that feel.

Rating: 8.9/10

Ontario Reign Concept - Ben S.
Ben gives us a very innovative design for the new addition to the AHL next season. I'm going to be honest, I didn't see what they revealed as their actual jerseys but I can only assume without looking it up that it is the Kings jerseys with the new logo on it. That being said this is a very cool alternate design. The gradient-esque striping is pretty awesome especially how it's executed. I think a straight gradient might look a little too gimmicky but the different stripes of subtle change in the gray scale makes a very cool design. I actually don't have any real complaints about this. It would 'cause a stir in the design world that's for sure. It seems as though it could draw a stir today.

Rating: 9.1/10

That would complete my first day back on HJC! To end the post I will now nominate a concept. Based on the ratings I gave I will nominate..:

Ben's Ontario Concept for COTW

I think Ryan's Stadium Series designs should also get nominated but that's down to the people in the comments today. Ben's design is something we don't see everyday and I wanted to reward that. And it plain looks my opinion! 

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone and I will be sure to write another spectacular post next week! Adios! Tank you for stopping by!

March 2, 2015

Monday: All Stadium Series All The Time

Hello hello hello and welcome to a brand new week here at HJC! Sundays don't count as the beginning of the week as it's the weekend dying and it's sad. So instead we start on a Monday.....which is equally as sad. Anyway, I know what will cheer you up.

Wonka's back! I mean Nowak... Dylan Nowak, former HJC writer, is rejoining the writing squad here at HJC. I remember speaking to him once and he mentioned he had lost interest in writing and he didn't have the time to devote to it... or some sort of nonsense... and then this past summer I had an emergency to attend to and had no one else to turn to but him. He wrote that day's post and it reignited the passion in him, and I take 100% credit for his return. I even killed off Caz to make room... Or did I? Tune in next week to find out on another exciting edition of... "H J C"

Ok enough of me being stupid. Since there's only two votes this week, the COTW vote and the Top 5 in the Stadium Series competition, I wanted to bring up my personal opinion on something.

With the voting phase of the Stadium Series competition starting, we just saw a large amount of concepts for next year's games come in, and we'll see countless more over the next year. So I'm preparing myself to critique them, and I'm going to lay down my personal guidelines, so pay attention.

These past two years, the Stadium Series has been very different from it's Winter Classic counterpart. The Winter Classic is built around the tradition of the sport and it's heritage outside. Therefore, the team's taking part wear throwback or fauxback jerseys to bring that nostalgic look to the game and really give it that old time hockey feel. While the Stadium Series is all shiny and progressive with it's designs. The event's logo itself is full of silver and gradients. The jersey designs have all been somewhat progressive. Minus New Jersey of course.

The first thing I'll be looking for is no throwbacks/fauxbacks. Only one team has worn a throwback for a Stadium Series game and a lot of people bashed them for not taking part in the "New Jerseys' with the other teams. Until someone comes out and says, "This year the Stadium Series participants will be wearing throwback/fauxback jerseys" I expect to see something new.

"Something new" brings up the second thing I'll keep my eye on. I think there is a 0% chance that any of the Stadium Series teams next year wear a jersey that utilizes either of the Stadium Series jersey templates already used. You don't necessarily have to come up with the next big thing in jersey design and wow me, but definitely try for something that hasn't been done, and definitely don't use the 2014 or 15 SS jersey templates.

The last thing I'll be looking for in Stadium Series concepts is "Is there a common theme", if the jerseys have no similar theme or design element, it'll probably lose a point from me.

I understand that these are just "concepts" and you're totally free to do whatever you want with them, I'm not sure the other writers look at the Stadium Series templates like this as I do, but I think when you decide to conceptualize a Stadium Series game, you should really try and put these rules I just laid down into play. It will force you to think of new creative ways to design a jersey. Who knows, maybe you'll pull a McElroy and Reebok/NHL will "borrow" an idea of yours.

COTW Feb 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Stadium Series Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Alright, enough going on and on about something that is entirely not a big deal. How about we get to the big deals...the concepts!

Minnesota North Stars Concept - Chase C.
Chase brings back the North Stars but relegates the classic N logo to the shoulders in favor of a sheared wordmark. The wordmark doesn't look bad when sheared like this, it's interesting, I did it on my Finnish World Cup entry, but the Minnesota is both unnecessary and way too small. But, with no other diagonal striping on this jersey, it seems out of place. You should only have "Minnesota" or "North Stars", you don't need both. The jersey design is pretty simple and fits in with the North Stars' brand. And upon closer look, the star in the wordmark appears to be uneven and bottom heavy, but maybe that's just me.

Also, resize your image so there's not so much empty space. The middle third of this image is the concept, and the top and bottom is empty.

Rating: 7/10

World Cup Team Europe Concept - Ben M.
Ben suggests a bright color scheme for Team Europe. Odds are, in my opinion, they would stick with something more generic or neutral like Red/White/Blue or Black/Silver/White. Not a big fan of the yellow doing down the sleeves. The black helps to darken the color scheme and I think it looks fine with the thin striping. I think the striping is a bit too thin though and it makes the sleeves look bare, especially with the bare hem. It's a bit disappointing that we don't get to see the light jersey associated with this.

Rating: 7/10

World Cup Team Finland Concept - David P.
David gives Finland new threads for the World Cup. I like the arm light blue to dark blue striping on the white jersey. Looks good. Not so hot on the Finnish flag in the arm striping. Because the vertical stripe is off center in the flag it makes the arm striping look awkward. The lion head is a new and welcome look. Though, I miss the yellow lion crest that really popped off the jersey. The font doesn't work for me and the TV numbers look tiny.

Rating: 8/10

St. Louis Blues Alternate Jersey Concept - Kevin B.
Kevin swaps the two shades of blue and slants the stripes for a Stadium Series-ish alternate jersey. I think the Blues in a darker version of their current jerseys would look nice. I feel like the stripes are slanted just for the sake of being slanted though. Granted, they do have a history of slanted stripes on their jerseys, but that's best forgotten.

Rating: 8/10

Arizona Coyotes - Simple Series Concept - Mike S.
I actually think that Mike managed to make the Coyotes' jerseys more complex for his Simple Series. He added the sand color to the uniforms and swapped white for black. It looks good on the dark jersey, but the black and brick red look bad together in the arm striping. There's not enough contrast so no one color pops out in the striping like it does on the dark jersey. I'd like to see some hem striping too. I understand the need for an outline around the logo as it has thin outlines as it is, but it's odd that the logo outline includes white. The biggest issue with no white jersey here, is the use of a sand colored helmet, which I think would only work as a one off or, at the very most, an alternate uniform.

Rating: 7/10

2016 Stadium Series - Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings Concept - Ryan C.
Ryan brings in an interesting idea/prediction for one of next year's Stadium Series matchups, but only applies it to Colorado's jersey. The slanted hem stripes is definitely an interesting look, and works decently when paired with the diagonal wordmark. Not every team has one of those though, and it looks odd on the back of the jersey, that way you could make the number on the back bigger, because as is, it is barely bigger than the TV numbers. . I think you could leave it off the back of the jersey and be ok. The Detroit jersey has more of a throwback feel to it, which doesn't fit in the Stadium Series branding. But maybe Detroit will pull a New Jersey and not wear a new jersey for the event and opt for an existing throwback.

I'd rather see both teams using the diagonal hem stripe.

Rating: 7.5/10

2016 Stadium Series - Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings Concept - Steven G.
The second Stadium Series prediction for today and it follows the same design that Steven used for his Chicago-Minnesota concept he entered into the current Stadium Series competition. I'm always excited to see people try new things, especially the use of vertical striping. I think Steven's two SS concepts have nailed it. Interesting striping that I don't think looks half bad. My one gripe is the chevron striping. As is, the arm striping would create a point and I'd rather it either be straight, like a normal jersey, or something similar to the first Stadium Series jerseys. I was ok with the large logos on the side of the pants in this year's Stadium game, but I think its an idea that works much much better for the California teams than it does here.

One little gripe with the vertical stripe. I think it COULD just go all the way down the back, instead of being interrupted by stitching, but I'm not really bothered by it, as I understand why it is. But if you insist on interrupting it, maybe leave the striping off of the back of the hem. That idea would at least work on Detroit's jersey because as is, there's just a random stripe going nowhere on their butts. Colorado would need a more creative solution, but alas, the jerseys as a whole look good as is.

Rating: 8.5/10 and a COTW Nom since I can't give it to his Chicago-Minnesota concept

And there you have it folks! I was pretty impressed by the number of comments on last Monday's disappointed. And also, be nice. I don't really want to get involved in the negativity that went on last Sunday in the comments but if you're going to criticize somebody, do it with an identity and be constructive with it. As far as I'm concerned, if you're only going to be here to make negative comments about someone's work, writing, or just themselves as a whole and do it from an anonymous account, then you really don't need to be here. Just my 2 cents. I love you all.