December 17, 2014

Wednesday: Three artists squared.

Hello world of computerized conceptual art makers and lovers of hockey jerseys, we've got a jam packed post today but before you get reading you should probably vote, 

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As I'm writing this, I just finished a really long comparative essay on the Leafs and Senators which was actually quite fun. I had to really dig threw the internet and found some really cool stuff. Did you guys ever do a project that related to hockey when you were in school? I don't think Ryan would enjoy reading it though! 

Alright time for some concepts,

Dylan N - Detroit Red Wings
Dylan Creates a jersey inspired by the winter classic threads from last years winter classic. It really makes a great jersey, compared to the boring ones Detroit are currently wearing. I love the "D" logo on the arm striping. The yoke stripes go perfectly with the hem and arm stripes. The logo choice is spot on. Execution and details on this concept are perfect. Not much I would change here. Overall: (10/10) and a COTW NOM.

Dylan N - St. Louis Blues
Dylan adds a white alternate jersey option for the Blues, this one being modern with a touch of classic. I really think dylan knocked this one out of the park. Once again I love the yoke stripes, and the decision to not put hem stripes but instead go with the mesh stripes work perfectly. The "St. Louis" word mark under the collar looks very cool (very sabres-esque). Once again Dylan, I applaud you (9.5/10). 

Griffin B - Columbus Blue Jackets
Griffin decides to go all out with the colour scheme on this concept. I like the choice of the primary crest, but thats bout it. The colours of the logo aren't the same as the ones found on the jerseys, I also would've like to seen a more unique striping pattern. The font on the sleeve numbers on the Dark jersey is different than the one found on the back. Maybe try making a more unique striping pattern with the colours found on the logo and send this one again! Overall (6/10)

Jack H - Chicago Blackhawks

Whenever a writer reviews a Blackhawks concept he usually starts with "The blackhawks have one of the best jerseys in the NHL." Which is true. But you can always improve on something and this is what Jack does. I love the fact that the arm striping matches the Hem striping. The new striping on the light jersey is fantastic. I also like the addition of the outline on the logo, as it makes it pop more. The shoulders NEED the tomahawk shoulder patch… Overall a tough team to improve upon, but you did a great job! Overall : (9/10)

Jack H - Detroit Red Wings

Unlike the first concept Jack decides to simplify the Red wings. I don't like this move. I think Detroit already has simple uniforms that they don't need to be even more simplified. I do like Jacks presentation but Its just to simple, I understand making all the attention go to the logo, as its one of the best in the league. Overall Needs something more exciting (7/10)

Kevin G - Chicago Blackhawks

I haven't seen too many concepts from Kevin, so if you're new, Welcome! Kevin creates a winter classic jersey for the Blackhawks. I really like the logo choice but it needs to be much bigger! Execution looks pretty good but you need to add sleeve numbers. I think laces would add a more vintage effect. The old reebok vector should be replaced with the new word mark. Overall: keep working at it! (6.5/10)

Phil B - Charlottetown Islanders

This was one of Phil's entries to the CHL redesign comp. I really like the arm striping, the swoosh effect goes great with the team branding. Colour balance is really well done, but i don't think you need the white yoke on the dark jersey, as it adds a bit too much white. The last thing is, I'm not sold on the hem stripe with the bridge. I think it adds tie in with the logo but it doesn't look good, maybe it would be better on an alternate. Overall (7.5/10).

Phil B - Peterborough Petes

Phil Gives the Petes a jersey with plenty of stripes. It actually looks quite nice, but the main issue here is that the logo does not look good on the chest stripe, it doesn't pop out enough. Besides that I don't have any other nitpicks with the design. I encourage Phil to work on his presentation, many writers have said it, but a white background would work much better, and the big box with the team name and personal logo could use some work. Overall: I like it just work on the logo outline to make it pop. (8/10)

So did you like a concept? Tell us! Its great as an artist to get feedback other than the writers opinion. 

December 16, 2014

Tuesday: Double Island Ducks

What's up? Caden here on a beautiful Tuesday. Christmas is just around the corner, and I (sadly) don't have any Wild concepts to check out. Bummer. 

Have you seen the Sharks Stadium Series jerseys yet? No? It must be dark under that rock. I will now give my short assessment. The Sharks wanted something different, so they used the triple tone design. They wanted to give the Kings and Ducks a slap in the face, so they put the "Northern California" patch on the shoulder. They wanted to draw attention to the players faces, so they made that crazy collar so people would look up. They didn't want the jersey to be too heavy, so they took the stripes off the back. It's obvious I'm not a fan of this, They RUINED any hopes I had. I was looking forward to the triple tone jersey. :(

COTW Dec 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW 2014 Logo vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

New York (Islanders): Dylan N

Dylan throws the Islanders a new new alternate just in time for their move into the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. This jersey comes off as classic, but definitely has a smooth, modern feel. I would go as far to say that this could be used for the next time the Islanders play in a Stadium Series. The one thing I feel this jersey is lacking, shoulder patches. You could possibly use the NY logo used on their current alternate. 

Overall: A great modern, yet classy alternate for New York. Yes! Yes! Yes! 9.75/10

New York (Islanders): Jack H

The second concept for the Islanders today, I'm sure Phil Beck is just creaming over this. This one definitely has the feel of the 70's jerseys, which I guess is good cause they won four cups in a row that era. The slanted arm stripes look good, but I wish the white and orange stripes were inverted. Except for the white yoke, I like that. Again, shoulder patches would be nice.

Overall: Pretty much the 70's jerseys, plus shoulder yokes and slanted arms. But is that really a bad thing? 8.25/10

Quad Cities: Phil B

Speaking of Phil, who is a HUGE New York Islanders fan, He gave us a couple concepts that should've won the Mallards comp but didn't. This one features some doubled up classic striping on the arms and hem, an a pretty cool yoke, giving the jersey a 'wing" effect, which only works with teams that have a bird as their logo. The ECHL Bakersfield Condors rock the look. I do wish you would have made the main number color orange to match the striping better. 

Overall: Great design, great yoke. You got burned with about 20 other people. 9/10

Quad Cities: Phil B

I can tell Phil went in a different direction with this one, but he kept the yoke stripes, so I'm fine. This one has a newer design than the last one, but it almost looks boring. I would've tried to build off the hem and up when making the concept, cause the hem needs the most work. The white numbers are fine here. I wish you would've made the background white on both of your concepts today, so the jersey doesn't blend in. 

Overall: A concept that should've won the Mallards comp but didn't. 7.75/10

Pittsburgh: Jack H

Jack took inspiration from the Pens "new" alternate jersey for this, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The bad thing is, if you scroll up 3 concepts, you see a similar template, for a different team, made by the same artist. It seems like Jack just changed the logo to a Pens one (an easy thing to do) and then just recolored the jersey (another easy thing to do). That's a no-no. And also, why would you want two teams in the same template? Do you work for Reebok?

Edit: Upon further review (thanks to Caz), this jersey and the Islanders ones aren't exactly the same, and I apologize for not looking more closely. 8/10 for this set. Sorry! -Caden

 Colorado: Mario A

Mario made this for a fantasy league, NOT the ECHL Colorado Eagles. Even then, the ECHL Eagles would look good with purple. Recoloring the template is halfway acceptable here, since you didn't use it for two different concepts. That doesn't automatically make it look good though.  The yellow doesn't look good on the blue jersey, and looks even worse on the white, since you can hardly see it. It also looks like Moses parted the numbers on the back. Bring them together some. I guess you don't need TV numbers for fantasy, but it would look better. 

Overall: Your concepts have greatly improved Mario, but you still need to up your game if you want to start winning COTW. 4.75/10

Peoria: Mollie G

Note: I figured out after I wrote last weeks post that Samantha L is Matt McElroy's girlfriend, so now I know where she got the amazing talent from. 

Mollie pops the SPHL Peoria Rivermen a new set of jerseys. This time using red as the main color. I'm in love with the red jersey, but the white jersey is lacking. That's almost a good thing. The SPHL games always look busy so something plain might look good. 

Overall: A great set with great execution! 9/10 and A COTW NOMINATION

Canada: Nathan N

Simple arm striping, gold trim, and a HUGE sublimated logo. How very Nike of you. I wish the logo wrapped around to the back of the jersey at least a little. In that case I would (no hate plz) love the jersey IF the numbers and NOB were red with a gold outline. Also, it's been said at least a hundred times on this blog alone, Reebok doesn't use the vector logo on jerseys anymore, they use the wordmark. PUT YOUR NAME OR ID ON THE IMAGE! You don't want people stealing your work. 

Overall: I'm getting Sochi flashbacks. 7.25/10

Thanks for reading guys (and obviously an increasing number of girls)!  Have a good week of hockey, be sure to leave a COTW NOM (a SPHL concept has never won COTW, Just letting you know) and come back tomorrow!


December 15, 2014

Monday: What's on Your Wish List?!

Happy Monday everyone!

Straight to the point today everyone...

Go vote. We've got two votes right now, the usual COTW vote, and the vote for the COTY logo for the final voting taking place next month.
COTW Dec 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY 2014 Logo vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Pretty important votes coming up....

Another thing coming up is the end of the holiday season, including Christmas. I'm sure everyone has their wish list and shopping list filled up. I know I've got my eye on some Winter Classic gear.

How about you guys? Anything hockey or jersey related on your wish list or shopping list this season?

Let us all know!

Anyway, let's get to these concepts!

College Point Stars Concept - GHL - Mario A.
Pretty simple set here. The striping could be moved towards the elbow just a little bit. The hem striping looks off with the thickness not uniform with the arm striping. The logos are a little pixelated. You could find a bigger Stars logo online and recolor it that way you can make it bigger or smaller without killing the resolution. I think some silver on the jerseys would help balance out the colors too. Also, the silver on black doesn't look too hot.

Rating: 6/10

Edmonton Oilers Alternate Jersey Concept - Phil B.
Phil wants to see the Oilers bring back the oil drop logo. I do too but I don't want to see them drop orange, and I have a hard time seeing the orange and the oil drop logo working together. Also, the recolor of the logo just doesn't work for me. It's a bad idea to recolor logos, most of the time they look the best colored the way they are.

This is basically one big mish mash of eras. I don't care for the amount of white on the jerseys. I think the yoke and hem should be blue and the silver should either be gone or relegated to trim. The pants have no silver on them, the orange and white fight against each other to pop more than the other and it's not working.

Rating: 6.5/10

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jersey Concept - Ben M.
Ben suggests the Sabres go silver and I'm not opposed to the idea. I think the silver/gray used here is a little too dark and it doesn't work well with the blue and yellow to me. Lighten it up and things will start to look a little better. I like the use of the swords logo as well. The yellow on the logos is different than the yellow on the jersey, I'd change all the yellows to match the logos. The yellow on the jerseys looks too bright to me. I like the collar but not the yellow underneath the laces.

Rating: 6.5/10

Swift Current Broncos Concept - Alan H.
The Bronco's recently reintroduced green into their color scheme full time. They also ditched the horse logo used in this concept. I don't think that this horse looks bad in this color scheme but it definitely doesn't look as good as it did without the green. The vintage logo looks a lot better in these colors and would look a lot better on these jerseys as well.

Rating: 7/10

2016 World Cup of Hockey Concept - David P.
All the news lately on whether or not pros would return to the Olympics or hold a new World Cup of Hockey inspired a concepts from David. David utilizes the old stick people from past World Cup logos to face off against each other. The logo without the globe looks better. The bronze/gold/bleh of the globe doesn't make the stick people pop, they seem dull on top of it. The trophy is neat. The one change with the trophy I would suggest is angling all the sticks so the blades are forming a circle at the base.

Rating: 7/10

Edmonton Oilers Concept - Jack H.
Not much of a change here for the Oil. The middle stripe in the striping gets thicker. And the Yoke gets a Boston makeover. The set looks good and something that the Oilers could wear, if they already didn't have their classic look locked down. I can't help but think of Boston when I see this yoke so I'd say change that's kind of the Bruins' thing at this point.

Rating: 7.5/10

Ottawa Senators Concept - John E.
John drops gold for silver in a symbolic move for the Silver Seven. The idea isn't bad, but red/gold/black was their thing. The logo doesn't look right on the jerseys without the gold. Minus the silver, the home and away aren't anything we haven't seen. The alternate is something. The 7 used looks fantastic on the front of the jersey, but I think just an O should be used on the front. The 7 jersey looks like it could be the best fan jersey ever made. But I'd still replace it with an O and move the 7 to the shoulders. This way you don't have numbers on every side of a jersey.

Rating: 7.5/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept - Jack H.
Back to basics for Buffalo here. This is just a solid effort in making the Sabres look right. Everything is there. Classic logo, classic striping, no extra silver or piping. Some might see it as a bit dull or uninspired but that's all this needs to be.

Rating: 8/10 - Nothing we haven't seen before, but it's nice to see it in between all the alternate concepts

And there it is folks! Another day, another post! I hope you enjoyed the concepts today! Have a great week!

December 14, 2014

Sunday: Mighty Post of Concepts

Hello everyone! Today's post features some designs you'll find very familiar, and others you may have never seen before. We've got concepts for the Hurricanes, Sharks, and Ducks, but also some jerseys for a KISS-themed ECHL team, Swedish Tier 3, and something called a Rocky Mountain Extreme.

By now you've all seen the pictures of the San Jose Sharks Stadium Series jersey. Jets96 gave his thoughts on those jerseys on Friday. I agree with much of his assessment. The collar is terrible, the striping doesn't carry through to the back of the jersey from some reason, and sleeve numbers look bad without an outline. The "hanger effect" ("This is Sharks Territory") is weak and cliché. I have high hopes for the Kings jersey, with the rumor that it will feature the old "Burger King" logo of the 90s. I was excited for the Sharks jersey as well though, until I saw it. It really says something when even the players complain about it. I know the team said they wanted the jersey to feature bold designs that would be visible from 200 ft. away for a stadium game, but I think the sentiment was carried too far here. The details of the jersey look poor and badly proportioned in the close-photos. 

It could be worse, though. At least the chrome logos are gone.

Hi. Go vote now. Yes, right now. Ryan sent out the email to the Mailing List yesterday. Go vote for the COTY logo contest, too.

And now for some good, old-fashioned reminders!

COTW Dec 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW 2014 Logo vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Carolina Hurricanes Concept - Patrik G.

Positives: Whatever Carolina has to do to get the hurricane flag striping back, do it. It was the only unique element of their jersey designs. Only one execution flaw.

Negatives: Like the Hurricanes current home jersey, this needs black. One of the cardinal sins of jersey design is omitting a color that appears prominently in the logo, which has happened here. Speaking of, the logo itself is positioned too low on the jersey. 

Overall: Color balance is the main issue here. Bring back some black. (7/10)

LA KISS ECHL Concept - David P.

Positives: If you haven't heard, KISS recently bought an arena football team. They helped bring flair to a sport that is easily forgotten in North America. Personally, I can't stand their music, but their marketing expertise has helped arena football, potentially it could help the ECHL. Execution is great.

Negatives: This shouldn't have traditional striping at all. This set should be wild and "in your face." Right now, there flame elements are trying to accomplish that attitude...but the arm stripes are sitting there like Roy Orbison at a metal concert. It needs to be darker, and edgier.

Overall: This set is simply too conservative. (7.25/10)

New York Islanders Concept - Phil B.

Positives: I'm a fan of the Islanders Stadium Series logo, especially sans the chrome effect it debuted with originally. The arm striping references the four Stanley Cups the team won in the 1980s. The traditional Islanders logo shows it's versatility as an alternate logo.

Negatives: So...those Long Island's way too much. Long island appears on each jersey 3 times; 5 times if you count the pants and helmet logos. I just don't know why the map of Long Island is just thrown onto the hem and left arm. It's not visually pleasing at all.

Overall: The Long Island references ruin this one for me. (6/10)

2016 Winter Classic Concept (Colorado vs. Anaheim) - CPM

Positives: This is a unique concept. I can't say I've seen a concept on this site that featured the proposed name for the team that eventually became the Colorado Avalanche (dodged a bullet there). I love the Anaheim jersey. It references their great original set, without just copy/pasting onto a new jersey style. It feels new, and looks great. I like the striping on the Colorado jersey as well. It has character, and is much more interesting that what they wear now. 

Negatives: I view the "Rocky Mountain Extreme" as a curious oddity. It's interesting to read about, but that's all I want to do. I wouldn't actually want to see Colorado use the proposed identity. The logos are terrible. 

Overall: Honestly, if you kept the striping on the "Extreme" jersey, and made it an Avs jersey instead, this would be near perfect. (8.75/10)

Visby Roma HK Concept (Hockeyettan - Swedish Tier 3) - Viktor B.

Positives: I like the charcoal black used on the dark jersey. It gives the jersey a deep, almost matte appearance, and I love that. The shade of gold is perfect as well. 

Negatives: Color balance is the main problem. The black jersey is too dark. A silver yoke, and a thicker silver outline around the logo would help. The gold jersey could use a black yoke as well. That would help balance the color out with both jerseys. Contrasting hem and cuffs don't work well in general.

Overall: Fixing a slight color imbalance here would be a quick fix. (8/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concept - Jack H.

Positives: These jerseys feature some awesome striping. I love it. It's similar to the old look, but not a direct copy. Execution is flawless.

Negatives: The blending of the old and new Ducks identities isn't perfect. The central issue is the juxtaposition of organic and geometric design. The old Ducks designs were dominated by angled, straight lines. The new Ducks jerseys feature curved, organic elements. When you have angled, straight lines paired with curved logos and numbers, it makes it feel (to me) as it doesn't fit. The bottom left corner of back of the jerseys isn't colored properly.

Overall: The overall design is good, but I would change the logo and font to make the identity feel more natural...if that makes sense. (8.25/10)

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - Jack H.

Positives: I really like the striping pattern here. It's more interesting than the simple (but dull) striping they have now. Execution and presentation are very good. 

Negatives: Off all the versions of the Maple Leaf logo, this one is my least favorite. I would prefer the current logo over this. The design here is very classic, but the logo shows it's age. People have already mentioned the placement of the Reebok wordmark to Jack, but it does seem odd on the hem.

Overall: Very solid and classic design (8.5/10)

San Jose Sharks Concept - Brass

Positives: I would like to see some hem stripes on a Sharks jersey. You've all heard the "lightness" spiel before, so I'll spare you. The logo used as a shoulder patch here is simply under-utilized.

Negatives: The old Reebok logo hasn't been used on jerseys for three years now. This jersey is really just one of the Sharks original jerseys on a Reebok template, with new logos. It's nothing we couldn't have easily imagined.

Overall: Not a standout, simply because we've essentially seen it before. (7/10)

That's all for today. Don't forget to send in your votes for Concept of the Week, and the 2014 Concept of the Year Logo Competition! Be sure to return here tomorrow for Dylan's Monday post! See you all later.

December 13, 2014

Saturday: 12-13-14

I can't explain to you how difficult it is to summon the energy to write this post. I was lucky enough to catch my son's common cold. It seems to have mutated inside of me and now I just feel sleepy and cold all of the time. Now I know you're all saying, "oh stop your bitching!". So on with the news!


Here are the last of the 2014 COTY Logo Entries

Vaughn R.


The winner of the COTY-November vote was CPM! This was the finale of CPM's Brights Series, so it truly is fitting that it has gone this far.

Full Results
CPM - 8
Jake88 - 6
Dylan A. - 5
Jamie R. - 1


The winner of the COTW vote for November 30 - December 6 was Christian L! It was mentioned in the comments on the day this concept was posted that this one has the potential to go far this year.

Full Results
Chrisitan L. (QUE) - 11
Samantha - 5
Christian L. (MTL) - 3
Vaughn - 1

We have a new batch of COTW nominees, of course. You can see the concepts by clicking the black banner on the side of the page. Or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Votes need to be in by Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern.


Now that the entry phase for the 2014 COTY Logo Competition is over we can begin voting!

Click the banner at the top of the page (if it's there yet). Votes will be cast in the comments section. You'll only be placing one vote, not a Top 5 or a Top 3. Voting ends on Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern.


COTW Dec 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW 2014 Logo vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)