July 22, 2014

Tuesday: 22 on the 22nd

Hey there folks! Hope you're all having a good day. I sure am, yesterday was my birthday so I'm another year wiser and I hope to pass off some of that wisdom onto the concepts today.

Before we get to the concepts today don't forget to vote this week. Only one vote for you as of right now as we're waiting for the second round of HJC Open entries. I'm looking forward to seeing the new entries for the second round, we have a great group of designers sending them in.

COTW July 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Open Rd 2 entries (due Wednesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Ottawa Senators Alternate Jersey Concept - Scott B.
The Senators lose all their gold in this concept and at first glance it looks like a Blackhawks jersey with a white yoke. I think the Sens gotta have their gold back. I didn't even notice that there was silver trim in the striping since it's blending into the white. There's a concept later that does that with yellow but I think that worked better than this. If the silver was gold here we'd be able to see it better. It'd be nice to see the equipment that goes along with this jersey.

Rating: 6/10

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Matt C.
We've got ourselves a hand drawn concept. Pretty nicely done one as well. Pretty simple approach to the design here with the exception of the pointy arrow thing (Ok maybe no new wisdom came my way this year) going down the torso pointing towards the crotch and butt. Not a fan of the jersey design but everything else is pretty good. Don't forget to ID your work Matt!

Rating: 6/10

Arizona Coyotes Alternate Jersey Concept - Gerard M.
Gerard also creates a new third jersey for the Yotes to go with his set. The striping is very vintage and is paired with a wordmark logo. I don't think the striping goes with the Coyotes identity too well and I'm not a fan of wordmarks on jerseys. I'd rather see that secondary logo on the chest.

Rating: 7/10

Vancouver Canucks Alternate Jersey Concept - Tristan M.
Tristan designs an alternate jersey for the Nucks and tries to implement a V design into the jersey, something that almost everyone tries. I feel like the amount of stripes that go into the V make the jersey come off way too busy especially with the yoke striping and the outlines on the numbers on the back. The logo choices are great. I think you either take out a couple of the V stripes or make them thinner to the point where the back numbers don't need an outline and the jersey comes out looking a little better. Other than that the jersey is very clean in its execution which is true of all Tristan's work.

Rating: 8/10

Hamilton Tigers Concept - Steven G.
Very simple design on a Tigers jersey and that's always nice to see. It fits with their classic logo well. The font is really nice. It's modern but not "in your face" modern. plus the angled lines in the numbers match the logo perfectly. The only thing I'm not sold on is the yellow helmet. I'm sure it could work and be a classic part of Hamilton branding but as of now I think it'd look silly.

Rating: 8.5/10

Arizona Coyotes Concept - Gerard M.
Gerard give the Coyotes a new set of jerseys to go with their Arizona rebrand. Not much is different about this set butt what really sets it apart is the Southwest pattern sublimated into the striping. Not something you'd see from further away, but up close it really adds something to the jersey. The new font is better than what they currently use as well, it's got some more personality to it than their current font.

Rating: 8.5/10

Team Canada Concept - (What If Series) - s2dio
Very interesting "what if" here. s2dio's new template really sets it apart from the others and the jersey design is very nice. The very thin yellow trim is something you can't see from further away as it blends into the white, but I really like it. The new main logo on the jersey is super great as well. Overall I think Canada not changing their flag wouldn't have been a bad thing for their hockey team.

Rating: 9/10 and a COTW NOM

We had some really good conversation in the comments last week and let's keep it going this week eh!?

July 21, 2014

Monday: Copy Cats

I have some jersey news, broken via the Manchester Monarchs. They have unveiled new jerseys that "reflect the design of their parent club, the 2014 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings". In other words, they are Kings jerseys (plus a hem stripe on the black jersey) with the Monarch's logo on the front and the LA Kings primary logo on the shoulder, not the crown. And it DOES have CCM branding, confirming that the AHL is shifting to CCM branding from Reebok. Since last week I presented that the new Anaheim Ducks jersey still had the Reebok branding. So we will have to see what happens with the rumored Flyers third jersey, the promotion of the Islanders Stadium Series jersey and the rumored new St. Louis set.

That being said, That brings me back to a rant topic. AHL jerseys that look EXACTLY like the jerseys of the parent club. Specifically Manchester now, Bridgeport (NYI), Albany (NJ), Charlotte (CAR), Oklahoma City (EDM), Abbotsford and potentially Adirondack (CGY), Providence to an extent (BOS), Rockford (CHI), Springfield (CBJ), St. John's (WPG), Toronto (TOR), Utica (VAN) and Worchester (SJ). Yes, It may be important to market to fans nearby, as is the case with Providence, Bridgeport, Charlotte and Rockford, but have your own identity. Minor league baseball teams are shifting that way nowadays, such as the SWB Yankees rebranding to the name RailRiders. The Bridgeport Sound Tigers even had their own jersey set, while owned by the Isles, with double blue and a trace of gold, and it was beautiful. BRING IT BACK! BE YOUR OWN TEAM!!

Ok, rant over, begin concept judging. Well not yet. Have to remind you to do this!

COTW July 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Open Rd 2 entries (due Wednesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Although my HJC Open entry fell flat (I'll submit it to here to get an explanation), eight artists moved on! Submit your Round 2 entries! Also send in your votes! I'll be voting this week. I have an awesome Leafs concept in there, so vote for it. Or not. There are four additional concepts, so we need a lot of votes to avoid a tie.

Now it's time.

Anaheim Ducks concept by Gerard M (and alternate):

I'm going to review these two concepts together, since its the same team and the same artist. Gerard lightens up the gold in the logo and removes the white trim of the webbed D. BAD MOVE. It flattens the logo and makes it look boring. It also makes the striping blend in when between the orange and white of the orange jersey. The OC logo on the pants is a nice touch. With the primary set, the stitching is supposed to end at the striping if it's there. Looks good without the yoke, actually. The alternate is the recoloring of the original jersey we all want to see, but also the recoloring of the original jersey we all HAVE seen, at least here. Also, please put Reebok back on the jersey instead of CCM, since this is an NHL concept that does not involve "de-EDGE-ing".

Final Score: 67%

Minnesota Wild Concept by Zach W:

An interesting attempt to bring back green as the primary color. At the same time, this looks like a paint bucket fill in of a more complicated template, one better suited for Photoshop rather than MS Paint or Paint.net. Main logo, name and number are too big. I do like what you did to the logo in terms of color, but I would make the shooting stars in the roundel cream and the main logo within the roundel green. This is a great idea for a concept that with some refining, either by design program change or template change, could be COTW worthy.

Final Score: 49%

University of Arizona (NCAA) Concept by Patrick E:

The U of A has had a beautiful simple logo that Patrick lends to a simple classic design. And there's little wrong with the design idea. Execution drags this down. Hem striping ending the vertical stitching is one, and proper coloring of the inside of the jersey is another. The inside by the tag should be red, the inside by the hem should be blue, both to properly reflect the outside of the jersey. That logo also looks a tad too big. A terrific idea that with a little more care for detail, could definitely be seen on ice.

Final Score: 67%

Carolina Hurricanes Concept by S2dio:

S2dio takes a stab at the often attempted LEAVE AN IDEA suggestion to give the Hurricanes the colors of UNC. And it looks very good. I have to give you a lot of credit for the template, but at the same time, it takes away from how the concept is presented. The striping as I can see it is uniform throughout the hem, arms and socks, as well as the yoke, the latter of which is a very nice touch. Seeing the Hurricanes in blue is a good look for maybe an alternate. We could use TV numbers though.

Final Score: 80%

Edmonton Oilers Concept by Scott B.

I see that Scott is moving away from the ABCDEF name plates or the wiseguy NOPQRST name plates. The striping is very interesting, and a style I would not mind seeing on an alternate jersey. I just wish you could remove that silver piping and phantom yoke and somehow re-purpose that silver into the logo. The silver in the numbers is a good idea, but it needs to be executed better. The good we can take from this is that Scott is getting much better, which is something we've all experienced and all like to see.

Final Score: 65%

Detroit Red Wings Concept by Tristan M:

This concept is specifically a CCM alternate, as per the description, which is entirely acceptable. Tristan takes the logo and font of the most recent Winter Classic jerseys and applies them here in a spectacular way. The full sleeve striping pattern is a common style, but applying that to the Red Wings is like taking a classic style to a classic team. It usually works. Having the other half of the sleeve solid red on the lower arm compliments the hem perfectly. The socks look strange but I don't see another way to connect the hem and lower arm to the sleeve striping. Well done.

Final Score: 91%

My Concept of the Week nomination goes to  Tristan M and his Detroit Red Wings Concept.

That's it for me, hopefully with more jersey news I won't have to rant, but rather complain that I don't have hockey. Although with the English soccer season starting up and MLS ongoing, it will soften the blow a little bit. Phil B. Over and Out.

July 20, 2014

Sunday: HJC's CORSI Stats...Nevermind

So I'm busy enjoying a Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine with my son and wife.

I will finish this post later tonight.

***** Edit by Ryan 11:00pm Eastern Sunday *****

Jake88's Charlotte Checkers Patriotic Night concept will be moving into the Semi-Finals of the 2014 Concept of the Year vote (occurring in January) after he won the 2nd Quarter Vote!
Full Results
Jake88 - 5
S2dio - 4
Steven G. - 3

Jake88 also won the COTW vote for July 7-13!
Full Results
Jake88 - 7
S2dio - 4


The Top 8 in the HJC Open have been rated and determined by you, the HJC reader. Here's a look at the updated brackets.
The top 8 now have until the end of Wednesday to get their entries in. Check out the competition page for the full rules and details.


The TEMPLATES page has almost everything you could need to make any type of hockey jersey concept you wish. If you haven't spent at least 5 minutes just browsing the page, playing with some different templates, and clicking on all of the links then you're holding your concepts back. I thought I would use this opportunity to highlight some of the cool things on the TEMPLATES page.

This page shows you every official colour used by every NHL team, ever. Go poke around there to for a while and start clicking on the list of colours. This is a great way to make your concepts as authentic as possible. Use the "Color Picker" tool in almost any program to select a team's colour and apply it to your concept.

Download Blank Team Templates
This download link is near the bottom of the page in the "Other Resources" section. They're great for newcomers to the jersey concept community. As the title says, they are blank templates for every NHL team (a little outdated) using what seems to be the most popular template used on HJC. Start by re-colouring some of them. Then start mixing and matching hems, arm stripes, and collars. This is a great place to start.

Download Paint.net Effects
This is another download link that will be helpful for those of us that use Paint.net to create their concepts. This bundle includes effects such as Drop Shadow, Outline, and Aligning. If you use Paint.net, these effects are a must. Install them in the folder C:/Program Files/ Paint.net/Effects. Some of them also come with an installer that you will need to run.

I could detail everything on the TEMPLATES page, but there's simply too much to cover. Take some time and go check it out. I assure you, it will improve your concepts.


Speaking of the TEMPLATES page, you can find a new addition there.
Some people have been using this template (mainly in vector format) in recent weeks here. Concept artist TG was kind enough to do a trace of the template to make it compatible with MS Paint, Photoshop, and Paint.net. You can find this on the TEMPLATES page under the name "NHLuniforms.com V2 Template".


HJC Stats

I did a very quick and informal review of the concepts that were posted this past week and came up with some interesting stats.

- 45 concepts were posted
- 16 different concept artists had their concepts posted
- 8 different templates were used
      - 8 different artists used the "RBK Edge Template (from Sportslogos.net)
      - 3 artists used the "Shop.NHL.com template by HJC"
      - 2 artists used the "HJC Drag & Drop template"
      - 2 custom templates were used by S2dio
      - 1 artist each used the following templates; "Shop.NHL.com template by Dylan W.",
        "Reebok Premiere Jersey template", "Matt's CCM Template",
        "Nike Swift 2014 template by Colin M."

I always assumed that the "RBK Edge Template" was the most used on HJC and not I have proved it to myself.


COTW July 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Open Rd 2 entries (due Wednesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

July 19, 2014

Saturday: The Logo Pt. 2: When Logos Attack (Your Eyes)

Hello everyone, and welcome to Saturday's HJC post! Today's post features some really cool alternates, a redesign of the Coyotes and Portland Winterhawks, a revival of the old Sens 3rd template, and a Winter Classic concept. 

Last week I did a list on the top three greatest logos in the history of the NHL, and naturally got it 100% spot-on, closing the issue for good. Now that's done, let's move on to the worst logos that have ever hit NHL ice. Last week I kept it down to three to ensure the post wasn't too long, but since we don't have as many concepts this week, or HJC Open entries, I'll go a little more in-depth. It's not a list, it's no particular order, and please keep in mind it's for fun.

No One Understands the Front-Facing Senator

Image Credit: SportsLogos.net
The Ottawa Senators are a difficult team to understand at times. When they build up, looking as if they are headed in the right direction, they blow up. They traded for Bobby Ryan, and had a good year after the lockout, but they also traded Ben Bishop for Cory Conacher. The former was a Vezina candidate, and the latter was waived. Now he plays for Buffalo. Then they lost Jason Spezza and replaced him with David Legwand. Ouch. Ottawa's logo is the same thing. They had a great thing going with the side-facing Senator. A modernization of that logo in 2007 made it even better, but what do they use? This guy. This logo looks like a selfie a moody teenager takes after his parents make him finish his homework before he can play Call of Duty Online with his bros. You can't see it, but in the full version of this logo, he's wearing an "Affliction" t-shirt and is surrounded by Mountain Dew and Axe bottles.

Gorton's Fisherman + Oompa Loompa = Islanders Logo

Image Credit: SportsLogos.net
You know, if it was for a minor league team, this logo wouldn't be totally awful. Yet, this was made for a NHL franchise that (in 1995) had not so long ago won four consecutive Stanley Cups. Will we ever see that feat accomplished again in the salary cap days of the NHL? I personally doubt it. The Islanders had a classic look that needed no alterations. If they had done this as a third, it could be forgivable, but the Isles threw the baby out with the bathwater here. I don't know what they thought they were going to accomplish. This was the "New Coke" of sports. The only thing it did was make everyone violently want the old look back. I mean, HE IS ORANGE. The ownership put an old orange man who has hands the size of the hulk on the front of their jerseys, then gave him a hockey stick in case you forgot what sport the Islanders played.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Preds

Image Credit: SportsLogos.net
As if the old Pred Head wasn't bad enough, the state of Tennessee got this turd dumped on it in 2001, and somehow this thing managed to stick around for six years. It is nothing short of an anime disaster.
Look into its eyes. Does anyone else think its eyes look like the Eye of Sauron? Maybe it took so long to get rid of it because Frodo Baggins had to walk to Nashville to destroy it. There are almost ten colors in that wretched logo. No attempt to salvage it has ever been successful in my eyes. The old Pred Head simply needed restraint. This needed so much more than restraint. Like that one guy in the zombie movie that gets biten, it needed a merciful demise.

Atlanta Trasher Thrasher Soup

Image Credit: SportsLogos.net
Have you ever tried to do a Thrashers revival concept? If you have, you probably realize that one of the main obstacles to making the Thrashers look better is their logo set. The poor Thrashers never had a good logo. A lot of things led to the Thrashers moving, including chronic mismanagement, failure to effectively market the team, and much more. Having bad jerseys (though I do love their original asymmetrical third in the same way I love the old Mighty Ducks movies) and terrible logos didn't help, though. Someone once wrote that this logo looked like a bird stirring itself into a bowl of soup with a hockey stick, and I've never been able to get that out of my head.

The Buffaslug

Image Credit: SportsLogos.net
I would probably say this and the Preds logo above are worst logos in NHL history. If a buffalo had somehow got stuck in Chernobyl's reactor 4, this is what I would imagine it would have looked like. I love the name, "Buffaslug." It totally sums up how horrible this crest is, and also makes it sound like something from a bad sci-fi movie, like Tigersloth vs. Buffaslug. Actually, I would totally watch that movie.

Now that I've got that out of my system, let's move on to today's concepts!

Phoenix (Arizona) Coyotes Concept - Ryley C.

Positives: Ryley shows potential with the striping on the light jersey, as well as his placement of the shoulder logos on the same jersey. Keep working.

Negatives: I'm going to assume this concept was made before the Phoenix Coyotes officially changed to the Arizona Coyotes. The primary logos are too big on both concepts, as are the numbers (which are a bit low on the jersey) and name on the back. The Reebok wordmark shouldn't be covered up on the dark jersey. I recommend using the same template for both the home, as would using the same color pants. Dark helmets usually go with dark jerseys. Helmet logos make a concept look more professional. The hem on the dark jersey doesn't match on the back/front. Sleeve numbers are needed on the light jersey, and the numbers on the dark jersey would work better on the sleeves.

Overall: There's a lot to improve upon, but we're all improving. Keep working at it, Ryley. (5/10)

Colorado vs. Minnesota Winter Classic Concept - Gerard M.

Positives: I like the striping on both jerseys. The colors of both jerseys would look great together on the ice, which is very important when designing an even concept. The sleeve numbers are pixel-perfect. You can even see a small part of the sleeve numbers from the left arm on the backs of the jerseys. I really appreciate when designers take the time to do that. The helmet logos both use wordmarks, which brings an interesting parallel. Adding numbers to the helmet shows great attention to detail This would also be a great Conference III match-up. A little more black on the Avs jersey makes the all-black equipment not seem so arbitrary.

Negatives: I'm not as big a fan of the yoke on the Minnesota jersey. I think I prefer the yoke to be flat, rather than coming more to a point.

Overall: This would be a great game, both in aesthetics and competition. A really well detailed concept from Gerard. (8.5/10)

Portland Winterhawks Concept - Gerard M.

Positives: The striping on the arms and hem looks great. I love it. All the great detail from the above concept are also visible here: the perfectly executed sleeve numbers, the proper logos, the numbers on the helmet. Not putting a yoke on the dark jersey shows good restraint. With this set, the Winterhawks become more than just a junior team that took it's look from a NHL team.

Negatives: It seems Gerard simplified the Winterhawks logo, which is slightly different from the Blackhawks logo. I'm in the minority that feels the Blackhawks logo has a little too much going on (it wasn't in my top three logo list last week) but I'm not in favor of the changes in this case.

Overall: Gerard does a great job giving the Winterhawks more of a unique set. (8.3/10)

San Jose Sharks Alternate Concept - Christian L.

Positives: This is like nothing I've seen before. Christian always does a great job bringing a high level of creativity to the table. You never overlook one of his concepts, or feel something he did is "old hat." Execution is wonderful, and Christian has taken great strides in his presentation. The sleeve numbers are perfect, and I like the logo choice for the shoulder patch. Orange and teal are balanced with the black well.

Negatives: I'm just not a fan of the striping effect here. I know it's likely a representation of a wave, and it would make a good, experimental alternate, but I can't say I'd own one.

Overall: In terms of creativity and experimentation, this is a great alternate. (8.3/10)

Lincoln Stars Alternate Concept - Garrett F.

Positives: The USHL has taken tremendous strides in logo quality recently (see Bloomington; Cedar Rapids), but the Lincoln Stars still have a pretty solid logo. Execution is sold here, especially with the sleeve numbers.

Negatives: The striping is a bit bland, and I don't care for the "Lincoln" wordmark on both the back and front of the hem stripes.

Overall: For a minor league team, a more eye-catching alternate would be welcome. (7.5/10)

Ottawa Senators Concept  - Stephen T.

Positives: Great logo choice for the primary/secondary marks. Those are the two best logos Ottawa has, and the proper way to use both. This improves the Senators "SENS" third from a couple years ago. 

Negatives: There are a lot of loose black pixels around the primary logo on the white jersey, indicating that Stephen made the black jersey first, and simply recolored it for the white jersey. He also forgot to recolor the inside of the letters in the Reebok wordmark. Not a great way to make pristine concepts. I was glad to see Stephen putting helmet logos on his concepts, but he failed to add them here. The white jersey hem and the sock is cut off from the image. With the sleeve numbers, the nine should be visible on the rear left arm. It's a small detail, but it helps the concept so much. It's worth the time and effort. So much of this is easily correctable. You have to look you concepts over to the pixels. 

Overall: Stephen has been trending in a positive direction lately, but this is a step backward in terms of execution. (6.5/10)

Colorado Avalanche Alternate Concept - Tristan M.

Positives: First off, I love the sublimated pattern. It goes so well with the rest of the jersey. The secondary logo is wonderful. The yeti foot is terrible, so I'm glad to see it wasn't used here. I love the arm and hem striping. It helps tie in the all-black equipment that Colorado is so fond of using. Execution and presentation are phenomenal.

Negatives: I'm not 100% sold on the sublimated mountains at the side panels in addition to the other sublimated pattern. Without zooming in closer, you could be forgiven for mistaken for sweat stains. I don't think it detracts from the concept, but I don't think it adds much, either.

Overall: This is a perfect alternate. I would love to see the league play with some sublimated patterns like this. It just creates so much depth and detail in a concept. Great design here. (9/10) COTW nomination from me!

That's all for this week. See a concept that you like? Put a ring on it Be sure to nominate it for Concept of the Week, or let the artist know you appreciate their work. Don't forget to send your votes in next week! If you remembered to send in your votes for the Concept of the Year 2nd Quarter Vote, and Concept of the week, well done! Here is your celebratory gif. If you failed to vote, take this gif, go to your room, and think about what you've done. Stay tuned for more HJC Open 2014 goodness, and tomorrow's Sunday post and Weekend Update from Ryan! See you all later!

July 18, 2014

Friday: Got the Blues

Despite the title, I'm actually in a great mood.

Let's talk trends this week. Like any market, hockey jerseys are set and defined by trends. Over the years, trends have changed, what was once popular is dated or outdated, and new ideas flood to replace the old, some good, some not so good. Today, let's look at the not so good.

5. Reebok Cookie Cutter Templates

photo from: blog.thescore.om

Despite what some are thinking, this could have worked. The pre-edge NHL wash't the greatest looking, the mid 2000's didn't have many great designs and many designs which in 2000 were popular and looked good, were now in need of change. Reebok took over the NHL jersey licenses and unveiled their own set of templates teams could choose from, some worked (New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, NewYork Islanders, Philadelphia, Washington, All Star Games) but some REALLY didn't work. Colorado went from one of the best jerseys to one of the worst main sets, Edmonton spat on hockey design in general and Dallas went down a dark road they just corrected last season. Teams who were once unique were now bland, the jerseys looked the same across multiple teams (Ottawa, Pittsburgh and Tampa wore the same jersey for 4 years). Granted, most teams have since corrected their mistakes (Nashville, St. Louis, L.A., Toronto, Edmonton), the worst offender still hasn't.

4. Vintage for Vintage Sake

photo from: hurricanes.nhl.com

One trend that doesn't involve moving forward, but instead moving back, is a more recent trend of teams going back to past jerseys. Granted some work, Dallas, St. Louis, Toronto and Boston have taken horrible "modern" looks and making them better. But all of these teams have a past....Carolina? Granted I'm not talking about a faux-back, I'm talking about a team ditching a design with potential for one that isn't as good. New York had sweet jerseys, and while the 70's throwback was a nice 3rd jersey, it didn't need to be a full set. Buffalo....could have made the Buff-a-slug work, hell I LOVE the logo, why not work out the problems with the jersey, rather than just going back to a design that we've seen. But that's not the biggest issue with this trend, the use of vintage white.

3. Collar Laces for No Reason

photo from Icethetics.com

At one point, only the Rangers and Habs wore collar laces, then just the Rangers. It was a style reserved for teams who wore them back when it was necessity. Now however, Reebok almost makes teams wear them, with Carolina, San Jose, Tampa Bay and Atlanta/Winnipeg wearing them. Sure, Columbus wears them but on a vintage jersey. The biggest offender of this trend is the Stadium Series/Anaheim set inverse laces, which are a new idea...but...that's it, new. They look silly and something that shouldn't have made it past the Stadium Series, but we'll be seeing it on new "modern" designs

2. Making the Jerseys Lighter, or as I will call it: San Joseing a Jersey

photo from Sports.yahoo.com

When the story broke that the Sharks changed their jerseys because the players liked the black jersey and wanted to wear it full time, while keeping the teal. That's fine, nothing wrong with having player input...however, saying that it's to "improve player performance" is a load of horse shit if I ever heard it. Partially because the Sharks blew a 3-0 lead on the Kings in the first round, but lets look at other teams who ditched the hem stripe.

Toronto: Never made the playoffs in their pajama jerseys
Edmonton: Never made the playoffs in their original edge jerseys (or any edge jersey)
Boston: Players think their home and road are the proper weight

I'm not talking about jerseys the go from something different by not including a hem stripe (one of my best concepts didn't have one) but when a team does it for the wrong reasons, then it comes off as cocky. Really?! I'm surprised few jokes have been made about San Jose's losing and their claim to play better with new jerseys

1. Black for Black Sake!!!!

Photo from boards.sportslogos.net

This wasn't just a hockey issue, this was a TOTAL SPORTS JERSEY PROBLEM. In the late 90's/early 2000's, teams that had very little to no black on their logos/kits began unveiling black jerseys to seem "Edgy". Well, some were, The Blackhawks had a beautiful alternate for several years, the Capitals and Sharks both used black to their advantage in awesome alternates, but when Columbus and Anaheim both made black jerseys they had no business wearing, I drew a serious line. Buffalo ditched their BEAUTIFUL blue and gold jerseys for mediocre black ones (though the red alternate is a beautiful jersey), Philly ditched their orange jerseys for black, Washington ditched their blue jerseys for black, Calgary ditched their red jerseys for black, Anaheim ditched their jade and eggplant for black, by 2010, it seemed like every team had at one point had a black jersey! Thankfully, this trend is dying down, with the Canes and Yotes being the only teams with black alternates, and both are sweet alternates.

There's my list! I hope you have some other trends I may have missed, but feel free to bitch  talk about them in the comments below.

Also, after seeing the HJC open entries, I am thoroughly impressed. Thanks to everyone that entered, this really does look like a culmination of hard work and attention to detail that will make getting out of the first round hard this year. Remember to vote in the comments.


2nd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Open Round 1 Vote (due Saturday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts!


Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Mario A.)

Just when I finish ranting about the Blue Jackets wearing black, Mario has a concept which gives the Jackets back their black. It doesn't look as out of place as in the black alternate, but I still ask the same question, why is the black necessary? It's used better on the white jersey, and acts as a decent accent colour, but and the blue jersey, the arms are black and look out of place. Mario's execution continues to get better, but there are still some wrinkles that need to be ironed out. The beige numbers on the blue jersey bad because there's no other beige outside of the logo and numbers, there would need to be some in the striping. The name, while I get it's supposed to be oversized, it looks too large and the numbers are off centre. The logo is also too small. I love the idea, but keep working out the kinks and we'll see Mario in the COTW voting bar soon. (5.5/10)

Toronto Maple Leafs Concepts (By: Phil B.)

The Leafs with a chest stripe, cringe at the thought...or actually don't, this one really works. The concept feels, trendy, like it has vintage elements, but they are hardly used and make for a faux faux-back (if that makes sense). The 60's striping looks solid all across the boards, and I like of the 90's/2000's Leafs font stands out, even with a stripe going through it. One minor complaint, change the shoulder patch from the primary logo with the TML through it, to just the TML and I'd snatch one of these up at the ACC anyday. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me! 

New York Rangers Concept (By: S2dio)

S2dio is like....a comic book artist, seriously, these templates are gorgeous! We all want the Lady of Liberty to come back on the Blueshirt's jerseys, and the Rangers wearing more red, I'm game. The jersey is nice and simple, looks similar to the days of Leetch and Richter. The red yoke is solid but the red helmet, maybe not so much. It looks okay but a blue helmet would look much sleeker. Please make a goalie template! (8.75/10)

New York Islanders Concept (By: Scott B.)

The Islanders going double blue is something I'll vouch for. The four Stanley Cup wins striping is a must for an Islanders alternate, they always like to reference it and it looks solid. The hem striping looks too thin and while I don't think it should match the arms, but just making them thicker will look solid. The NOPQRST is just lazy on the back,  just pick any player with no repeat letters if you don't wanna paste stuff for a while but the effort does show. (7.5/10)

St. Louis Blue Concept (By: Tristan M.)

This concept is how the Blues could totally bring back the angled arm striping of the past, and Tristan improves of the design. The angled yoke looks fantastic, but putting the name inside of the yoke would look even better! The V yoke is amazing, why don't the Blue wear this? One thing that's bother me is the collar lace. The blue comes up and interrupts the collar altogether. I'd go for a more modern collar (Like the All Star Game collars). (8.75/10)

Edmonton Oilers Concept (By: Christian L.)

Vertical designs are rare in the NHL, and since the Oilers are at this point willing to do anything to win, such a modern design may not be too far away. The Oil Derrick logo looks great, but the OKC Barons have made that look signature to them. The rest of the jersey is so solid, but using the Oilers primary on the front and putting the derrick on the shoulders and this would be SICK. The name on the back is hard to read, white numbers and NOB would be more visible. (8.25/10)

Washington Capitals Concept (By: Tristan M.)

This concept is really simple, it's a blue Caps jersey, not so much modernized but not a faux-back. I love how this shade of blue makes the red and white POP. The concept is really simple, but I'm so glad there's no vintage white or just a red version of their current white alternate. Not much I can say, just a really solid concept, can't wait to see the Blackhawks concept. (9/10)

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