December 22, 2014

Monday: Merry Monday

Hey Hey Happy Monday and Happy Holidays HJC Gang! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We're closing in on the end of Hanukkah and on Christmas, both later this week, which means I'm assuming a lot of jersey collections will be getting a little bigger. 

I think you guys should definitely send in any new additions to your collections. And while you're waiting for only one vote this week so definitely take part.

COTW Dec 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Well how about we get to these concepts eh?

Winnipeg Jets Alternate Jersey Concept - Jack D.
When will we see a Jets' alternate jersey? Jack would like to see them rocking their brighter blue featuring their secondary logo. I don't think I'd mind seeing that logo on the front of a jersey, but I'm not too sure about the brighter blue. It's not featured in the logos so the logos look out of place on it to me. Nothing ground breaking with the striping, but this jersey would look miles better without the red ghost yoke.

Rating: 6/10

Hartford Wolfpack AHL Concept - Steven M.
Steven creates a jersey that looks like it could be used in an outdoor game or throwback night in Hartford. The wordmark is a neat nod to their parent club in New York but the "H" Wolf Pack logo would look better on the front of the jersey. There's more space in between the arm stripes than there is in the hem stripes and that should be fixed. The TV numbers and the shoulder patches should be cut off by the edge of the jersey, and that's cool if you didn't know how to do that, but for future reference either delete the number or part of the logo being cut off or create a clipping mask.

Ryan has a tutorial at the top of the blog here that should be helpful if you are using, otherwise, do a quick Google search if you're using some other program and you'll be rollin' in no time.

Rating: 7/10

Boston Bruins Concept - Jack H.
Jack keeps the Bruins in the Reebok but the design of the jersey looks like a mish mash ofdifferent Pre-Reebok designs. Yellow yokes on the white jerseys haven't been seen since the 60's, so that's cool. I personally wouldn't give the white jersey black cuffs with a yellow yoke, I'm sure some fans would like to see this type of move made and some wouldn't. I personally don't care, not a big Bruins guy, but this set wins me over because the BLACK UNIFORM HAS BLACK SOCKS. JACK WINS. The one thing that should be ditched here is the modern bear logo on the pants. If you're going to go vintage, go all in.

Rating: 7.5/10

Nashville Predators Alternate Jersey Concept - Patrik G.
Patrik gives us a "Perds" jersey that only features white in the logo. I think the jersey looks really slick as it is, but the logo pops out a lot, which I'm sure was intended and is what you kind of want anyway, but I think it'd be neat if the logo featured no white.... I don't like recoloring logos and that would make this look like a fan jersey, so I'd either add some white trim to the jersey OR.... come up with a cool ass yellow wordmark, or maybe just use the guitar pick logo.

I don't know, I look at this and I don't see it as "completed" yet but I see so many directions this could be taken... I think Matt McElroy would make the bottom of the uniform yellow or something cool like that, or come up with something so cool and modern that it ends up as the 2016 Stadium Series template.

Also, the Preds' logo used in the bottom right has a much brighter blue than the uniform to the left, try to keep all the colors constant in your images.

Rating: 7.5/10

Utah Grizzlies ECHL Concept - Ryan C.
The logos here scream 90's and it bugs me, but that's not Ryan's fault. The white jersey is, as the kids say, "fresh"... The green jersey, on the other hand, is a bit off. The arm stripes and side panels heavily feature white but the yoke is black. The white jersey has the arms, sides, and yoke all green and it's great. Fix this on the green jersey by going all white or all black. The alternate is a pretty basic jersey but still looks good. The logos all look a tad big, and the numbers kind of do too.

Rating: 7.5/10

Montreal Canadiens Concept - Jack H.
Jack slightly changes the Canadiens set and adds some more continuity between the jerseys which I think is a great move. The only thing both their current jerseys have in common is their hem stripes. I think Jack should have kept the cuffs blue on the white jersey or keep both cuffs red. The striping used on the white jersey isn't my favorite but it matches the red jersey so, still a plus in my book. I like the way the jersey is branded with the Reebok on the bottom of the jersey like in the old days as well, nice touch.

Rating: 8/10

Alaska Nanooks NCAA Concept - Brady S.
Nice bright color scheme. I can appreciate that. I feel like the logo is way too big so I'd scale that down so it's barely bigger than the chest stripes. The color balance between the home and away are pretty much perfect. Now let's talk about that alternate..... hmm.... I like it.... I wouldn't mind seeing a team with this color scheme wear these a few times a year. Overall, the design of the jerseys is nothing new but it's a good look, especially in these colors. The shoulders seem too "bare" for me, so I'd add another logo or something.

Rating: 8.5/10 - Get it? "Bare" "Bear".... because like...... nevermind

Well that's my last post before the end of the holidays. Once again, Happy Holidays to all, hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and that you all get a neat jersey or two to add to your collections...

Bear-Bare...cuz the logo.... baaah you get it...

December 21, 2014

Sunday: Traditional

Hello everyone! In a time of year typically dominated by old traditions, we have some jerseys to match! If you like concepts that have a more conservative tone, then have we got a post for you!

Speaking of traditions, do you have any hockey-related traditions at Christmas? I tried to get a tradition started a few years ago by taking my family to a hockey game in Nashville the day after Christmas against the Red Wings, but a very drunk woman got in a fight with my mother, and they didn't seem too keen to go to another one. Let us know how you incorporate hockey in the holidays!

One way you could start a new tradition is beginning a wonderful tradition of voting whenever you see the reminder bars on Sunday, when voting begins! What a novel concept...

COTW Dec 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Dallas Stars Concept - Jack D.

Positives: Some people want to see the gold come back into the Dallas color scheme. I'm not one, but I could see why some would want that.

Negatives: Pixelation is very heavy on the logos, which usually happens when they have been recolored. This is essentially just a recoloring of a Dallas template. *Yawns*

Overall: Not the cleanest, or most creative concept, but shows what Dallas may have looked like if they had decided to keep the gold. (6.75/10)

Reading Royals Concept - Ryan C.

Positives: I like the striping pattern on all three jerseys, but the white third is wonderful. I especially love how well the number is executed on the back of that jersey, keeping it withing the striping. Purple is an underutilized color in hockey, and this set makes good use of it. 

Negatives: There is more than one shade of black on these jerseys. The jerseys themselves are more of a charcoal black, but the logos and numbers are a true black. It's not a huge difference, but it is noticeable.

Overall: That third really elevates this set. (8.25/10)

Chicago Wolves Alternate Jersey - Kaner88

Positives: Continuing with light alternate jerseys, this one features a good striping pattern. I would actually prefer if logo didn't feature the wolf head at all, but more on that later.

Negatives: The jersey seems almost out-of-focus in comparison to the logo. It's an odd effect. I absolutely hate the Wolves' logo. It looks like a poor collection of clip art, and a wolf head borrowed from a local Junior High. 

Overall: Logo notwithstanding, this is a pretty solid alternate. (8/10)

Dallas Stars Concept - Jack H.

Positives: Execution and presentation are very good. That's been Jack's strength as a designer so far. The emphasis here is on green, as it should be.

Negatives: My main beef is this: if you take the logos off, this could be a set for just about any team. It reminds me of the cheap generic NHL jerseys they make for toddlers and small children. 

Overall: The overall design doesn't feel specific enough to Dallas. (7.75/10)

New Jersey Concept - Jack H.

Positives: I really the yoke design on these jerseys. It gives the Devils a touch of extra character to their set that they could really use. Execution and presentation are pluses as well.

Negatives: I would like to see angled striping on the hem and arms as well. People just don't get radical enough with Devils jerseys. I think people have just accepted over the years that this is a team that is never going to do anything new.

Overall: That yoke is a great design that deserves an equally fresh set to match. (8/10)

Alabama-Huntsville Chargers Concept - Brady S.

Positives: Execution is solid. Blue and black is and underrated color scheme, and these jerseys use it pretty well. Tampa Bay uses  a similar color scheme to this, and they could use more black.

Negatives: I've never liked diagonal wordmarks. I give the Rangers a pass because they've always done it, but even then, I still prefer their shield logo. The baseball-esque logo treatment of the third jersey doesn't strike a chord with me either. It's just really conservative.

Overall: This is a far from innovative, but Alabama is a very conservative place (speaking from experience) so they would probably like it. (7.5/10)

Alaska-Anchorage Seawolves - Brady S.

Positives: I love the native northwestern design in the Anchorage logo. I can't remember what that form of artwork is called. I think it starts with an's driving me crazy. Anyway, I really like the color scheme here. Green and gold is one of my favorite athletic colors, and the reason why the Green Bay Packers have my favorite NFL jerseys. Execution is good.

Negatives: These are still pretty similar to the designs above. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they are recolors, but the designs are very similar. 

Overall: Love the logo and color scheme, but I wish the striping played off the art direction of the logo. That would make the set more unique. (7.5/10)

Sherbrooke Phoenix Concept - Jake88

Positive: Jake88 is one of the best improved artists on HJC this year. I've very much enjoyed some of his work recently. Presentation and execution are unimpeachable. Sherbrooke has a great logo and colors in my opinion. If they had a more unique and interesting jersey set, they could have one of the best looks in minor league hockey. 

Negatives: The design is over-striped for me. It's also very traditional, which doesn't seem to be the most natural complement to the logo.

Overall: Very well executed alternate, but a little too "1920s" for me. (8.5/10)

That's all for today's post. Sorry it was approximately 5 minutes later than normal. Holidays, finals week, (finals week is just as busy for us teachers) and whatnot. See you all back here tomorrow for Dylan's post!

(*update* 4:21: Just realized I didn't give Jake88's concept a rating. I just added that)

December 20, 2014

Saturday: Logo, Weekly & Ducky Winners

The winner of the COTW vote for December 7-13 was CPM!

Full Results
CPM - 6
Justin C. - 5
Coby S. - 1
Jarrett T. - 0

A new week. A new batch of COTW nominees. They have been listed on the side of the page. Click the banner to see the concepts or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Votes are due by Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time. Just make it easy on yourself and join the Concept of the Week mailing list. Two emails a week and you just need to respond to one of them to vote. To sign-up, check out the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.


The winner of the 2014 Concept of the Year Logo Competition was also CPM!

Full Results
CPM - 6
Scott G. - 3
Christian L. - 2
Phil B. - 1
Taylor R. - 1
Others - 0

CPM's logo will now be used to represent the 2014 Concept of the Year. It's main use will be on the 2014 Concept of the Year championship plaque!

And other uses like this...
For those that may be new, here's how the COTY works. We'll end up with 4 Quarterly Vote winners in 2014. 1st Quarter winner goes against 3rd Quarter winner and the 2nd Quarter winner goes against the 4th Quarter winner. The two semi final winners go against each other for the title of Concept of the Year. There's no 3rd place vote, for those wondering.

That was the final HJC competition of 2014. Don't worry, the comps will be back next year.


The winner of the Quad City Mallards competition that HJC hosted was Heath Morrison.

Thanks to Dylan A. (Monday's HJC writer) for finding this, or else I would have never known. There was a very brief write up about it on the Quad City Times' website.


HJC will be going straight through Christmas! You can expect a post everyday this week. Perhaps you can cut us some slack for late or non-existent Twitter and Facebook links though? Also, try to step away from the family and all the great food and treats to cast your COTW vote this week.

COTW Dec 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

I hope everyone will, or is, enjoying their holidays and the next time I write to you the Christmas dust will have settled.

December 19, 2014

Friday: 1500 Posts Later~

Happy Friday, and happy middle(ish) of Chanukah!
Today is HJC's 1500th post!

I remember post 1000 being a big deal!

Not nearly as long of a post as last week, but still looks of hockey news. The Oilers are absolutely awful, which is surprising given how many high draft picks and coaching changes and just general house cleaning that has occurred over the past few seasons. It's not to say that the coach is anywhere near to blame completely, but the atmosphere just seems toxic. You watch the Oilers and there is no hustle, no panic and almost a sense of "when the puck goes into our end, the other team is going to score".

I mean 1 win in 17 games....

In jersey news, the Kings unveiled their Stadium Series threads on Tuesday and this is my vote for disappointment of the year, maybe up there with Tampa level disappointment.

Photo from

My guess is that you don't particularly like these jerseys neither, but the jerseys aren't the real problem, at least as I see it. No, they aren't horrible but I would have swapped the back and white and continues the stripe around the back. It's those DAMN WHITE PANTS! Holy crap, who thought these should come back. ONLY the Caps could pull it off since they were the idiots who brought the idea about in the first place.

There's some good, like using the LA logo on the shoulder, that should be adopted full time. Another gray jersey is not a bad thing, hell, it really worked last year. Also, the two crowns on the collar look solid, put that on the jerseys too.

Overall: 5.5/10

Just...Just wish it was better

COTW is super important. Of course COTW voting is a part of a nutritious breakfast, but it also helps to prevent really! It does!

Wanna double your odds of not having a Quagmire-esque jaw? Why not also vote for the COTY logo? It will appear on the eventual COTY winner's plaque so this vote is super important.

COTW Dec 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY 2014 Logo vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts!


Team Russia Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

+ It's nice to see this old All Star template used on any level
+ The right arm stripes look awesome!  
+ Dull gold makes a good tertiary colour
+ Using helmet logos 

- Blank pants with no logos or stripe, I'd also only use the blue pants
- The primary logo is too large
- The dark red seems unnecessary since there's the lighter shade that would go better with the navy blue 
- Making the right arm blue/red instead of white 

6.25/10-  creative idea that could work but needs to be retooled 

Los Angeles Kings Concepts (By: Jack H.)

+ A simpler striping pattern that actually match
+ These appear to be based on the 80's/early 90's jerseys, which is what the current logos are based on
+ Good execution
+ Keeping the current Kings logo/numbers that look better than previous versions

- The jerseys look blank without shoulder patches (LA logo?)
- The pants seem odd with just the one white stripe, making them match the jersey would look better 

8/10: A conservative look for a team that hasn't had one in several seasons 

Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Jack H.)

+ The Jets could us a more military themed jersey, but not in your face, this does both
+ Light blue as the main colour on a Jets jersey does look good
+ Good striping pattern on the jersey
+Good execution

- No shoulder patch
- The chest stripe would look better if it looped around the jersey, I understand that's how the cut is, but it looks odd just cut off at the armpits
-I wouldn't replace the Jets current set with these, but more see this as an alternate set, which isn't bad, but it wouldn't be an upgrade over what the Jets wear now

8.25/10- A little more creative than the last concept 

Ontario Reign Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Replacing the navy with purple
+ Solid striping pattern tha patches the uniqueness of the logos
+ Double yoke outline 
+ Third jersey looks phenomenal 

- The navy on the logo looks very out of place without any on the logos
- NOB are too large 
- Purple numbers on the third jersey would look better and balance the colours more
- No white on the purple jersey other than numbers


Kelowna Rockets Concepts (By: Phil B.)

+ Roundel as the primary
+ Lots of teal and red
+ Using all the team colours properly, not one over takes the other where it shouldn't
+ Angled stripes and the Rockets go hand and hand
+ Keeping the gear black

- The original Rockets logo would make a great shoulder patch
- Stitching should go with the angled arm stripes, not straight arms
- Outline on number are too thin

8.5/10- Phil has really improved recently, and this is a good example of it!

Air Force NCAA Concepts (By: Brady S.)

+ Classy AF logo and simple jerseys over thunder falcon logo
+ Nice mix of gray, blue and white on main set
+ Gray alternate jersey with vintage logo
+ Great execution
+ Solid striping pattern/font choices

- Gray jersey has little white while logo is almost white, making the numbers white with a blue outline and adding a white outline to the yoke would fix that.
- Home and road look bare without shoulder patch
- No helmet logo


Quebec Ramparts Concepts (By: Alan A.)

+ Old tower/bird logo
+ Castle wall shapes in the striping, a nice unique touch
+ A non template look for the ramparts
+ Good execution
+ Colours well balanced, and no vintage white

- White jersey would look better if black and white were swapped on the striping
- No helmet logo
- Missing CHL logo from front of jersey


Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

+ If there were anyway to improve on Minnesota's white jersey, this is it! It looks amazing
+ Using a lot of green and white over red
+ Excellent execution (- one thing)
+ No vintage white on road jersey

- Blank pants
- While the white jersey has no vintage white, the green jersey has no true white and the vintage white looks far worse than the true white
- Blank pants
- Shoulders logos are too small

9/10-Minor issue keep this from being better

That's the post!

Remember to vote for COTW and the COTY logo comp!
Go Jets Go! Have a great weekend!

December 18, 2014

Thursday: A Week Away

Hello again hockey fans, jersey fans, design fans, and anyone in between.  Welcome to another Thursday post!

So this year I get to be the lucky Christmas Day writer.  It's a week away but I'm already getting excited.  I'm planning something special for that post, and it'll be awesome to be able to celebrate the holiday with you.

But that is for next week.  This week we have our regular COTW vote as well as the COTY Logo vote.  You don't even need to email a vote in for the logo vote, just comment on the page and you're good to go!

On that note, let's get right to the concepts!
COTW Dec 7-13 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY 2014 Logo vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Hartford Whalers - Dylan N.
 Yay:  The first concept up to bat today is Dylan's Hartford Whalers concept. I can't help but notice the name "Huberdeau" on the back, suggesting Florida moving to Hartford for this to happen.  With a record-setting shoot-out in Florida recently and only 10000 there to witness it, it's definitely plausible.  The style of this concept is classic, the way it should be for the Whalers, but with a bit of a modern look to the dark jerseys.  Execution is great, and everything here looks game ready.

Nay:  I love the white jersey, but not the dark jersey as much.  The two don't match very well, and the side stripes that cut off at the front and the back look too "Reeboky" for me.  I'd personally stick with the basic two-stripe pattern that you have on the white jersey.  I'd also fix the dark socks and the pants.

Overall: The white jersey is perfect, but the concept as a whole is only pretty good.  8.2/10

 Vancouver Canucks - Dylan N.

 Yay: Dylan's next concept is for the Canucks.  While I didn't like the side style on the Hartford jersey, I love it on this set because the Canucks look good in a modern/edgy set.  Plus the sides create a chevron, or "V" shape, which obviously suits Vancouver well.  For a team lacking a solid identity, this is a good way to stand out and stay true to the team's history at the same time.

Nay: I think the stripes might look better on the dark jersey without the middle white stripe. It might not look better, but the stripes look just a little too busy, especially on the dark jersey, so that change might help.  Otherwise, this set is great.

Overall:  Not a big Canucks fan, but I'd happily add this to my collection if they were using this set.  9.4/10

Columbus Blue Jackets -  Jack H.

 Yay: Jack is next with his Blue Jackets concept, which takes the brilliant alternate colour scheme and introduces it to the main set, and adds a brand new stripe pattern that is both classic looking and original to the team. The yokes and stripes look great, the execution is great, and it all looks fantastic.

Nay: First off, and this isn't your fault, but I can't stand the font on the numbers.  It's not "wool sweater old", it's "Pacman old".  My other complaint is that white and "off-white" don't look great together on a jersey. The dark jersey looks great, the white jersey should just have blue and white stripes, because the off-white doesn't contrast enough.  I'd also add a dark blue yoke to the dark jersey, or get rid of the yoke outline.

Overall:  This set needs work, but is very very very close to COTW worthy.  Maybe the readers already think it is. 8.4/10

Vancouver Canucks - Jack H.

 Yay:  Jack's 2nd concept today revisits the Vancouver Canucks, and gives us a much more traditional set than what Dylan shown us above.  This set is very similar to the 1st Home and 2nd Away jerseys in Canucks jersey history, with the main difference being the Johnny Canuck logo.  These old jerseys match up nicely with this logo.

Nay:  As I mentioned, these jerseys are very similar to previous Canucks jerseys, so there isn't a lot of original work here.  And if you were to go with two old Canucks jerseys, it's strange you wouldn't pick a matching set.  These look okay together, but are still a bit of a mismatch.

Overall: It looks great, but there's nothing really new to praise here.  7.3/10

Global Hockey League Logo -  Mario A.

 Yay: Logo concepts are few and far between on this blog, so it's always nice to see a logo concept to critique something different.  It's also cool that this is for an entirely conceptual league.  Hopefully this is the beginning of a new GHL series for Mario.

Nay:  A logo should feel like one united graphic, not several separated graphics that just obviously visualize the name of the league.  This logo just feels like different bits of clipart placed on an image then sticking a name somewhere.  Add some colour, find a way to combine the ideas of  "global" and "hockey" in one image, and make it look like you made something original, and not completely out of clip art.

Overall:  It's a start, but needs quite a bit more work.  5/10

Cleveland Barons - Phil B.

 Yay: Phil is next with a rather novel idea: Replace the interesing but somewhat lame "Lake Erie Monsters" with the old Cleveland Barons, and have them resemble (but not completely) their parent club?  It's brilliant! It's a shame that the Barons identity is missing from hockey today, and they look good in Avalanche colours.  The specialty jerseys suck only because the referenced jerseys themselves suck, but they are a necessary and realistic addition to this concept.

Nay:  On the main set, the middle blue stripe just doesn't look that great.  It either doesn't contrast well with the burgundy around it, or it's too thin to really notice.  The Ohio state logo around the TV numbers is a bit much, regular TV numbers are fine, although it would be good to use for the captain's patch.

Overall: It's realistic, it translates well, and it brings back an old franchise. Definitely a great idea and concept.  8/10

Rouyn-Noranda Roadrunners - Phil B.

 Yay: Phil returns with a concept from the Roadrunners competition we had a while back, this time placing the team in Rouyn-Noranda of the QMJHL.  The traditional striping works well for the meandering Roadrunners, and it's nice to see the logo jersey change to match the actual jersey.

Nay: The orange striping on the arms and hem isn't thick enough, it barely stands out and is very hard to see against the white stripe on the dark jersey.  I also think the logo on the dark jersey needs more of an outline, because the logo blends in with the background too much. The gloves should have some orange in the design.

Overall:  It's not bad, but not that exciting of a concept, compared to how flashy the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies look.  7.5/10

GOP Concept -  Rocky Mountain Concepts
 Yay: Last but not least we have a concept for the GOP (Grand Old Party), aka the Republican Party of the U.S.A. government.  Why? Because why not I guess.  The striping looks pretty cool, and the jerseys match up with each other well.  The equipment looks alright, and the execution of the set in general looks pretty good.

Nay:  This concept might get higher points if the logo was swapped out for Calgary Flames logos. The jerseys have no visible connection to the logos or the party that this concept represents. Why not red and blue? I get that the other party has the same colours, but this just looks terribly out of place as is. On the jersey itself, everything is okay, but I'd rather see a hem stripe of some sort.

Overall: This concept leaves me feeling confused for a bunch of different reasons.  6.3/10

A handful of great concepts today, but Dylan N's Vancouver Canucks concept gets my COTW nomination!

Well that's it for me once again. Remember to vote for COTW and for our COTY logo competition, and I hope you guys check out my special post next week!

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend. See you at Christmas!