October 23, 2014

Thursday: 2628000

Hey gang, welcome to another exciting Thursday post of HJC!

What's with that gigantic number on the title of our post? That is the amount of minutes in 5 years.  Why is that significant? Well, HJC is having its 5th Anniversary, which is extremely impressive.  Has anyone told you that they'll be "just 5 more minutes"? Imagine they said "just 2628000 minutes" instead.  That is a really, really long time.

But back to the topic at hand: HJC is looking for a "5 Year Anniversary" logo/patch, like most hockey teams would have on their jerseys for their own anniversaries.  Take a few minutes (or as many as you need) and come up with your version of the anniversary patch, submit it this week, and Ryan will pick the winning design and use it on the blog's header for the entire month of November.  That's a lot of face-time for someone's design, so you definitely don't want to miss out on this competition.

Finished your Mallards entry yet? If not, better hurry, the month is almost over!  There are some fantastic concepts (and some poor but hilariously awesome ones) submitted, and I can't wait to see who they pick!  The Mallards definitely have one of the coolest identities in minor-pro hockey, so I'm glad to see so many different takes to their look.

Last but not least, there is a very significant vote going on this week to determine the 3rd COTY semi-finalist.  The winning concept will be featured in the COTY final votes at the end of the year, so it's crucial that we all put in our two cents and vote for our favourites!

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)
HJC 5th Anniversary Logo (due this week)

Concepts time!

Chicago Blackhawks - Zach W.

Yay: We start with a pair of Blackhawks concepts for the Winter Classic.  This one from Zach uses the "C" logo we're not used to seeing in the front, which right away wins points for originality.  The colours look great, and the stripes are a very nice design.  Definitely suites the old-timey look this game will need.

Nay:  The logo looks a little too big.  The stripes are a nice pattern, but the outside red stripes could to be moved out a pixel or two, and the middle stripe could be thinned out a bit.  The TV numbers have no room on the arms, and look very weak going over the stripes as they do now.

Overall: I like the overall look, but little things make this concept a miss for me.  7.6/10

Chicago Blackhawks - Tyler G.

Yay:  Our other 'Hawks concept today has a very classic look to it, being that it's pretty similar to the current uniforms, besides the off-white, logo, and lack of black cuffs.  Some people don't like "vintage white", but I love it. This uniform looks like it could have been used in 1940, and could be used today or 10 years from now.  Everything is sharply executed on this concept, and looks great.

Nay:  The problem is, I feel like the changes aren't enough from being a rip-off of their current uniforms.  I'd feel no need to buy this when their regular uniform is nearly the same thing.  Usually these types of jerseys have a modern twist of an old jersey, but this is exactly the opposite.  That's not a bad thing, but I'm just not excited about this design as I normally get with classic uniforms.  Also, what is with that green band on the inside collar?

Overall: It's hard to sell this as a unique concept, but I can't deny that it looks fantastic and would be a good option for the Winter Classic.  8.4/10

Cleveland Crusaders - Mario A.

Yay: Next is a pair of WHA concepts from Mario, the first being for the Cleveland Crusaders. Cheevers and the Crusaders (great name for a band) had a really classic look, despite using purple as their main colour.  This concept has a little more going on, but still fits the traditional look for them.  Honestly, this is probably my favourite concept by Mario so far.

Nay: The back-right arm stripe on the purple jersey is mis-coloured, it should be black, not purple.  The font isn't bad, but for this team I'd stick with a simpler block font.  The jerseys match up well, but I feel like the purple jersey has too much white.  I don't know how to perfectly fix that, and it's alright as is, but I think more black and less white would look great.

Overall: Definitely seeing some improvement in Mario's work, keep it up! 7.5/10

Cincinnati Stingers - Mario A.

Yay: Part 2 of Mario's WHA duo today belongs to the Cincinnati Stingers.  I always thought they had a cool look to them, and there are plenty of ways to revitalize their look.  Mario takes a very simple yet modern approach, with some really interesting styles on the side and the arms.

Nay: The bottom back stripe on both jerseys (the white stripe closest to the hem on the black jersey, and vice versa) looks like it just kind of starts from the side and only covers the back.  It looks OK in this form, but if one saw a side view of this jersey, that abrupt change would look very bad unless there was some sort of transition.  Not liking the contrasting shoulders, and the incomplete yellow arm stripe.

Overall:  Interesting, but I'm not really liking it as much as the previous concept.  6.8/10

Anaheim Ducks - Brady S.

Yay:  Next up is Brady with his soccer style Anaheim uniforms.  Lets be real here, the black and orange uniforms look great and aren't a huge stretch for a soccer uniform.  Their black jersey transitions well into this set and is executed very well.  But lets talk about the elephant in the room, or should I say...duck.  Despite most people putting it on their "worst jerseys ever" list, I think the colours and design look rad, and would make an awesome fan jersey.

Nay: On both sets, the number seems really close to the name, and could use some breathing room.  Moving it down a bit could fix that.  It's really hard to critique a soccer uniform for me, and I think the black kit looks very nice.  The green kit is fun and all, but unless you drew a Mighty Duck kicking a soccer ball instead of holding a hockey stick, the logo use takes away from the whole soccer thing.

Overall:  Not the greatest soccer set I've seen, but half of it is realistic, and the other half is really fun to look at.  Good work.  8/10

San Jose Sharks - Pajo94

Yay:  Come on man, Quidditch? The nerd in me can't even handle this concept.  I'm not as familiar with the standard Quidditch attire, but this looks about right, and the styles and colours are just so perfect with this outfit.  The logo works so well with the sort of classic look I'd associate Quidditch uniforms with.

Nay:  I'm not sure what the T-shirt combo is for.  I assume it's a practice uniform or for a different position.  Either way, it's kind of bland in comparison to the whole set.  And in general, I think the set needs more white.  Not much, but maybe somewhere in the stripes.

Overall:  Totally fanboy-ing over this.  I don't even know if this looks good for a Quidditch design, but I want it.  8.7/10

It could be the fact I'm a huge nerd for this kind of thing, but since it's also really well designed, I'll give Pajo94's San Jose concept my COTW nomination.

For the rest of you muggles, make sure to get your votes in for the votes going on this week, and finish up your Mallards and HJC 5th Anniversary logos.

That's it for me, thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

October 22, 2014

Wednesday: The Bright Ideas

Hello everyone! Hockey has been quite entertaining lately. The Ottawa Senators are really doing well and take on Toronto tonight! That should be fun. I might be yelling at my television set tonight. You know what else is fun? Designing a jersey for the Quad City mallards! (wow the writers are bad at transitioning to this topic). Those are due before Halloween. You also have 2 votes to send in. A very important vote to determine one of the semi-finalist and your weekly COTW vote. So get those in and everyone is happy. I'm included in the 3rd quarter vote, but i'm a little disappointed with myself. I sent that concept and the next day reworked the logo and made it better (some of you may have seen it on twitter). Moral of this, is to take time with your concepts.

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)

Ryan has also asked you to create a 5th anniversary logo for the header of the web site. Send those in, and it might get featured!

We have some really interesting concepts today. I think some have potential to be loved or hated. Let's get on with it. 

Colorado Avalanche Alternate - Zach w.

Positives: Colorado has a great logo, but Zach tries to improve it. The mountain looks more like an "A" which is cool.  I like having no black in the concept, as this colour scheme works better without it.
Negatives: There's no puck in the logo, it looks awkward with no puck. The stripes and yoke are alright but don't impress me. TV number and helmet logos would perfect your execution.
Overall: It's not a bad jersey, but it doesn't excite me. I think you played it a little to safe. (6.5/10)

Chicago Cougars - Mario A

Positives: Mario takes us back to the NHA days. Mario has vastly improved, no longer sending us crazy concepts. I think a traditional jersey is the way to go for this team.
Negatives: This looks a lot like the Boston Bruins current jerseys. Get a little creative! The number need an outline, and the NOB needs to go down a few pixels. The crest on the dark jersey needs a thicker white outline. The old reebok vector should be replaced with the new word mark.
Overall: Lacks creativity (6/10)

Birmingham Bulls - Mario A

Positives: The yoke on the light jersey looks cool. Reminds me of the Rangers.
Negatives: This logo shows its date. It's not a good logo. Theres just too much going on. The blue/red sleeve could work, but it doesn't go well with the hem stripe. The logo on the dark jersey needs a white outline. The nob needs to come down. The old vector should be replaced.
Overall: I'm having trouble tying all the elements of these jerseys. (5/10)

Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate - Dylan N

Positives: No one likes the new Tampa alternate, so Dylan fixes it and the end result is great. When the teaser shots got released, I was hoping a lightning bolt would run down the sleeve. This is what dylan does, and it looks really sharp. He also adds blue under the bolt, which gives some colour to the uniform. Great execution and detail, this jersey is pretty sport on. The grey piping works really well separating the blue from the black...
Negatives: I think the grey piping should be on the back of the jersey also, it would look more clean and separate the colours better.
Overall: If dylan fixed the issue I mentioned, this is a 10, but for the time being, (9.5/10)

Colorado Avalanche - CPM

Positives: We end today's post with 2 from Colin. Colorado has one of the worst jerseys in the NHL, so Colin fixes them. I love the mountainy feeling we get with the hem. The logos really pop out nicely. Execution and design are pretty bang on.
Negatives: Colin decides to do like the Jets away jersey and add arm stripes along with the sleeve/yoke. I don't mind it, but some people might thinks it looks cluttered.
Overall: Although it might not be hard to top the current Colorado jerseys, this is still a great concept. (9/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets - CPM

Positives: NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A BRIGHT JERSEY! (I though caps would give it some emotion.) Ok, I know a lot of people don't like this logo, but it looks great here. What makes me really like this concept is the colours, they work well and pop! The stars under the arms add some great detail. The neon green pipping on the dark jersey has to be the best thing ever! (yup thats odd to say about pipping) The dark jersey looks so good even though its "way out there". Colin proves you can have wacky jerseys but still hit the spot. 
Negatives: The numbers could use another outline, maybe neon green on the dark jersey and light blue on the light jersey. The Shoulder patches look a little big. I would use a light blue outline instead of a neon green outline for the logo on the light jersey (just seems to be too much neon on a jersey that barely has any). 
Overall: Although this might never be worn in a game, the point of this concept was to be flashy, and I though Colin nailed that. (9.5/10)

Tough call for my nomination, one was beautiful but had a detail that was bothering me, and the other brought a lot of creativity but had some minor things that bugged me. My final COTW nomination will go to Dylan and his Bolts jersey just because its more believable to see in a real game.
Well, that's the post, the last few concepts all deserved nominations, so feel free to do so yourself. 
Have a great week everyone, and make sure to vote!

October 21, 2014

Tuesday, A Bright, Crimson, Electric Return!

How's it going HJC Readers? Caden here to "conceptify" your Tuesday! We are now into the full swing of professional hockey, including the ECHL. Speaking of ECHL (Worse segway than yesterday), if you want to have one of your concepts worn on ECHL ice this season, (which is a very real possibility) just enter the Mallards Competition for that chance! I can't stress enough how awesome it is to have one (or more) of your designs worn on pro hockey ice. This is the second of such contests in a couple months on HJC, and who knows when we will get another chance?!?

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)

ALSO, a very important vote is taking place this week, Jake, Ryan and Christian are facing off for the coveted 3rd spot in the Concept of the Year vote taking place in January, so your vote for this might be the 1 vote needed to send the future COTY winner to the semis. Do you know what else a Concept has to win in order to win COTY? COTW! That vote is happening too, so kill 2 birds with one stone and vote for both things on the same email.

*** Edit by Ryan ***
During the month of November, HJC will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. We will celebrate with a new 5th anniversary logo created by YOU! It will be used on the page banner for all of November. So get something together this week and send it in. Whatever design I like best will be used!

Hartford Whalers- CPM 

CPM, Assistant GM for my fantasy hockey team continues his "NHL Brights" series today with 2 new installments. I'm a big fan of the way blue is used here. There isn't too much of it, but there isn't too little either. The font balances well with the striping. My only complaint about the jersey is that the logo looks pretty big, but that might be the excessively thick outline. 


Los Angeles Kings- CPM

Purple is definitely brighter than black! The "burger king" logo looks amazing front and center, and the more classic design lends itself better to the classic colors. Although this jersey would look good in black, I'm glad you used the colors you used. I wish you would've done something to tie back to the 90's, like a gradient or something.


Alabama Crimson Tide- Kevin B

This jersey looks too much like a Red Wings jersey. The pants and socks are pretty much identical, and the jersey comes close. I'm happy you added the thin stripes to differentiate them from Detroit, but I wish you would've done more to give them their own identity. the TV numbers and captaincy patch are too small and too high up.


Baltimore Blades- Mario A

The WHA has been gone for a while, but if they ever came back, Mario imagines them looking something like this, Not digging the Blackhawks style striping, the orange is pretty close to red and the striping patterns are pretty similar. There are 3 different shades of black in this concept, reducing that number to one would make this concept more crisp and professional looking.


Tampa Bay Lightning- SG-94

This is pretty much the new alternate that the "Bolts" use, but a few crucial changes were made. The BOLTS wordmark was replaced with "TBL" which looks 100X more professional than Bolts. The lightning bolts down the arms make this jersey look way less boring than just the straight stripes. I just wish there was some added blue. 


Calgary Cowboys- Mario A

I've always though that the Flames need to do a Cowboys one-off tribute jersey, but why not just bring the whole team back? The classic logo is fine, but if you are going to use that, then I would use a wayyyyy more classic template. Another logo choice could have been to use the "hat logo" like was used on the jerseys back in the WHA days. the same thing I said about the black in your last concept is happening here.

D- (Your skills are good. Just use your creativity towards designs that match better with the logo, and wok on your execution. You'll have Bs and As in no time!)

My COTW Nomination for this post goes to CPM's Hartford Whalers concept!

So, I encourage you all to comment, nominate, and vote! You could be the one to nominate the future COTY winner! How awesome would that be? Have a good week everyone!


October 20, 2014

Monday: Leafs' Silver?

Hey there everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed their first full week hockey! Even you jersey throwing Oilers and Leafs fans. There has been quite a bit to be entertained by this past week and a half. Especially for those who play fantasy hockey. 

I only managed to get in one league this year, which is fine. Hopefully it's a lot easier for me to just keep track of the one team and guide them to a championship. Funny story about my team actually... So my buddy who started the league told me when the draft was, as least 10 times, and I kept saying I wouldn't forget. Well I did, and logged into the draft lobby an hour after the draft started. My AutoDraft managed to pick up Alexander Ovechkin, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, the Red-Hot Rick Nash, and the also Red-Hot and now injured Victor Hedman. How that happened I'll never understand. So far my "Hot Dads" are 2-0 and things are lookin' up for me....

Speaking of lookin' up.....um.... Mallards can fly and sometimes you see them when you look up... I don't know... That was a bad segue, but don't forget, the deadline for the Mallards competition is about a week and a half away so if you plan on joining and haven't sent anything in yet you still have some time.

Don't forget to send in some votes this week as well. Not only do we have our usual COTW, but a vote to determine the third entry into the COTY vote. So get on all of that!

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)

And now concepts!!!

Edmonton Oilers (WHA Returns) Concept - Mario A.
Well Mario promised me his wacky designs would be back and he delivered. He tries to bring more color into the team's logo but I don't think either one works particularly well, but if I had to choose I'd say the dark jersey's logo is better. The hems on these jerseys aren't bad but where Mario really loses me is the arms. The orange near the shoulders is a bit much when the cuffs are already a different color than the torso. I'd try and keep the bottom of the hem and end of the cuffs the same color on that white jersey. The old Reebok vector is still on the back of the jersey. Now beyond all the wackiness, if you haven't gotten lost, you'll notice that this is just a very very very color swapped version of their current jerseys.

Rating: 4/10

Michigan State Spartans (NCAA) Concept - Kevin B.
Kevin gives the Spartans the IceBorn treatment. Pretty much looks like a green and hemless Red Wings jersey. Which isn't bad, it's got a classic look that could last for ages. The stripeless hem though makes the jersey feel too boring and the dark socks with light jersey is kind of a no no for me. The pant's striping is interesting as well. I can't tell if the "Spartans" on the back of the jersey is just a small thing that would go over the normal branding on the jersey or just a way too small namebar. The number and Captain's C seem too small. Lack of TV numbers isn't a huge deal here as it's a college team but the actual Spartans do have them.

Rating: 5.5/10

Florida Panthers (Brights Series) Concept - Colin M.
Pretty much a return to the classic Panthers jerseys of the pre Reebok days. Slight alterations to the striping and now the hem is angled. I'd make that hem angle a little more pronounced, not too extreme though. I'd also round the yoke in the back like the old jerseys did, it just looks awkward with the point to me.

Rating: 7/10

 Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - Alan H.
I feel like making Leafs jerseys look like old Boston jerseys is a bad idea. Granted, it doesn't look bad, especially with the silver, but the Leafs have tried silver on a jersey (As trim color) and I think they're pretty much over it. I feel like thebest way to reintroduce silver to the Leafs is using a small amount as trim color on an alternate jersey...

Rating: 7.5/10

Speaking of a Leafs alternate jersey.... Alan has one for us.

Toronto Maple Leafs Alternate Jersey Concept - Alan H.
So not only does Alan bring back the silver, he introduces black onto the Leafs color palette. I think this is a little too far. I normally kinda like the TML monogram but not as the main crest. Personally I think ONLY black OR silver should be a trim color, if any, on the Leafs jerseys. Personally though, with the two color logo, their jerseys don't need any other colors. But here I'm noticing a lack of contrast between the blue and black so the jersey comes off as way too dark.

Rating: 6/10

Toronto Maple Leafs (Bright Series) Concept - Colin M.
Colin returns the Leafs to their 70's jerseys. (My favorite underneath their current alternate) The Blue jersey is closer to their old jerseys with the contrasting sleeves, but I'd make the hem stripe just one thick blue stripe like the arms. Also because the blue jersey's hem matches its arms. The blue jersey looks a lot like the Lightning's new alternate but the "less is more" approach works better here because it's paired with a simple two tone logo. Personally, if the Leafs swapped to something like this, I wouldn't be offended, even though I'm sure Leafs Nation wouldn't be too happy...

Rating: 8/10

And there you have it, another day in the books. Have any tips or critique for the concepts today? Why not throw them in the comments section? Go ahead and do that. See you all next week!

October 19, 2014

Sunday: We Need Another Semi-Finalist

The winner of the COTY-September vote was Christian's Quebec Nordiques concept!

Full Results
Christian L. - 5
Matt M. - 2
TG (NYR) - 2
TG (PHI) -1

Christian's concept moves into the 3rd Quarter Vote. The silver banner for that vote is on the side of the page. Click it to see the entrants and email in your vote before the end of Friday. This is a VERY important vote so lets have a good turnout.

For anyone who isn't aware, the Quarterly Votes each determine the four semi-finalists for the Concept of the Year. 1st Quarter winner faces the 3rd Quarter winner and the 2nd Quarter winner faces the 4th Quarter winner. Don't worry about that now though because the semi-final votes don't take place until January.


The winner of the delayed COTW vote for September 29 - October 5 was CPM!

Full Results
CPM - 8
Taylor R. - 2

CPM's Scouts concept was the only one properly nominated and seconded that week. I suppose it's fitting that he won then.

The COTW nominees for the October 13-19 vote have been listed in the black banner on the side of the page. You can click on that banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab to see the nominated concepts. Get those votes in by Friday!


On November 22nd, HJC will have been in existence (in its current format) for exactly 5 years! And like all good hockey brands, we will be celebrating the anniversary with a patch on our jerseys. Well, we don't have jerseys, but we do have a page header and that's where the 5th anniversary logo will be placed during the month of November.

The problem is that I'm not much of a logo designer. Take a look at my failed anniversary logo attempt.
This is where I need you guys! Anyone who is interested can create a 5th anniversary logo for HJC and send it in (concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com). Whichever logo I like best will be used on the page header during November as the official 5th anniversary logo of HJC!


As the Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition continues, I wanted to share these unused concepts presented to the Mallards by Studio 1344 during their "revamping" of the team's brand. All images were shared via Studio 1344's Facebook page back in March.
I personally like the two concepts on the bottom, with the green one being superb! I do like the black jersey that the Mallards use currently though.


There are about 8 events during the year on HJC that are the MOST important to vote for. The 3rd Quarter Vote is one of them. We are working towards getting a voting system right on the blog page, but that is still at least 6 months away. For now, open up your email and send us your votes. Anyone with an email address can vote.

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)